Best of Eric Thomas (120 Series) | POWERFUL MOTIVATION

Best of Eric Thomas (120 Series) | POWERFUL MOTIVATION

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There Are NO Valid Excuses As To Why ANYONE Should Be Living Their Life At Less Than 120%

Best of Eric Thomas (120 Series) | POWERFUL MOTIVATION
0:00 Get It Done
15:41 Respect
18:12 Respect Your Craft
25:49 Get Back Up
48:17 Power
1:04:15 Stuck in Adversity
1:12:46 Discipline
1:20:08 Don’t Quit
1:24:27 Confront You
1:31:54 Make a Decision
1:39:29 Never Stop Winning
1:44:05 Time To Step Up
1:47:50 You vs We
1:56:43 Compete
2:04:35 Clarity
2:11:00 Permission to Be Great
2:18:59 Limited Time
2:24:27 Teamwork
2:29:59 Be Demanding
2:35:18 Never Be Average

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Best of Eric Thomas (120 Series) | POWERFUL MOTIVATION

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Best of Eric Thomas (120 Series) | POWERFUL MOTIVATION
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  1. in the year 2027/2030.. whoever is reading this I want you to know ET inspired Generations of people and changed millions of lives across the world. He will go down in history as a GOAT!!!.. Thank you ET you deserve your flowers 100

  2. "If that's the answer…I will take it, and I will take the rest of my life."

    "The Creator isn't comparing you to your sister."

    I needed this.

  3. RESPECT!!!

    I PAID 1800- Got Junk! Put what you want in the bathtub, Read from an early age. Keep journals and help non beggars help themselves. Live a moral life. People do not want to pay rent, and will destroy your property. You must teach yourselves. DO not sell your stuff..fake money, or it can cause your life.
    Your stuff may not be junk, but let other learn from your journals, audios, books etc. Disasters will destroy everything in seconds.

    Live a moral life! Do not get pregnant, or you will be killed and your baby. Become married parents at 35 (women) or men 45. Do not us drugs or drinks, and live a moral life! Never allow anyone to abuse you! Get tubes tied and vasectomies, and stop killing the unborn, pregnant women, and babies. Do not raape and murder. Do not steal or rob.
    Do not send men to women's prison, or let them use our bathrooms.They are men!

    Put a d before anger, and you get danger. DO NOT ARGUE!!! DO NOT SHACK! WORK!!
    Do not accept welfare. You will reap what you have sown.
    Shave all heads going to jail for felonies, and harvest their organs asap, no matter the age. If you can rape and kill, then you can die also. NO prison!!

    Let them empty your space 100%! Move to another country, get a furnished apartment, that includes all utilities, safe, beautiful, and less expensive. USA got too deadly and expensive.

  4. I'm in luv I'm in luv❤️❤️❤️❤️?♥️♥️♥️♥️!this my boy motivate me every single day!bet u won't here this in nobody's church!thank u MR ET God bless u highly!

  5. I am 1 year away from getting my Bsc. In Forensic chemistry ❤you have inspired me to be great I will never give up “I want to be successful as much as I want to breathe “❤

  6. The time we sit and we watch these things is literal change in our lives. You made the decision. You are here. In the present. Be present. “My presence is present and I open the door to the window of all opportunities “ you’ve already made the decision. Walk. I believe in you. You gotta believe in you.

  7. E!!!!! 6 days straight listening to this, bravo!!Bravo!!! I need someone like you in my life, and hearing your voice for hours makes the grind I'm doing so much easier. THANK YOU!!

    Edit: 9 days straight now. sometimes listening more than once. (2-3) When I grind, and listen to this….whole new focus, and level. It's his voice, and choice of words that kills the procrastination, and keeps me pushing.

  8. I need some help Eric. I feel like I don't want to live any longer. I don't want to feel this way. I feel like a loser and feel hopeless. Someone told me to find you. So here I am. Thank you Eric.

  9. So I’ve heard a lot of people tell me I should right a book ? cause I went through so much adversity as u E…and I’m a very positive person ….I’m going to start writing ✍️ now ….but what would u go to school for to become a motivational speaker , or a life coach ! I’ve never done this and I’m asking god for direction ! ??❤️?
    If u could help it could change and save many peoples lives ….?

  10. You no longer for the normal person that suffering that's got pain you talking to the rich people now First cast flights and they're not all that stuff and come on with that come on with that no you remember where you came from bro that's all I got to say I hope that hit your spirit and piercing cuz now you acting like a devil