Be Brief And Brilliant | DDOD Episode #1109

Be Brief And Brilliant | DDOD Episode #1109

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  1. I will not stop it's relentless
    The behavior trigger will be staying. I will not allow the reputation of narcissist talk that provides no value to the heart's it steals the momentum from the hearts dreams from reputation lack talk. The way I see it bring me a reputation of negative action to purposely take the momentum away with reputation. Just to test me.
    I will lead from the getto street for free. Leaders will start valuing peoples hearts and they will stop attempting to trigger people just to get paid. Leaders are responsible for the momentum their actions cause. No I am not triggered by reaction. This is a choice meaning I am doing it on purpose. Which means I have control of my emotions. Everything with me is fire you get nothing less. And from a person that has died more then I can count over the reputation of the negative I am not playing nobody. It's massive passion. And I am willing to throw everything away. And put all my energy being a nuisance to the leaders until they get programmed by me.if we want to play the program game. And I am a master at the subconscious. And I am relentless. And I have lots of value to throw constantly at a narcissist until they scream like hyena. Value so great there people will start to follow. Cause I am light to there dark. Nothing beats emotionally driven by heart. The wise thing would be to bring value to the marketplaces heart. Jim Rohn and Bob Proctor did not train the people's subconscious to be full lack mindset.
    They said protect the subconscious at all cost. So I am unapologetic with my attitude and emotion powered by heart.
    Consider it war. If you want talk face to face with your choices of what you think I am not healed at. I willing to listen and have a conversation. But if little punks are going to be weak and hit me up subconscious with repetitive.
    Then yes I take that as a test invitation to war. Three things I love
    people pleasing like it's art
    Wood carpentry
    And battling narcissists head on
    Face to face.
    Even the good people that speak of narcissism with out any solution backing up there speech.
    I am fine if this means I am out of line.
    I am not sheep
    And I am not going to set and watch
    Destruction of people's heart dreams.
    The more I cause a scene
    The more others will realize I am not the fool. I will get what I want or die doing it

  2. Good don't like me don't listen.
    It's in my goals book
    So I don't care
    Leaders will stop with garbage to the subconscious and no I am not talking about you. You got Jim Rohn value in you