Amazing Story of The Happy Musician (LESS is MORE)

Amazing Story of The Happy Musician (LESS is MORE)

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  1. "Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is less.
    There’s nothing wrong with striving to be your best self… but don’t get attached to THINGS, MONEY or ACHIEVEMENTS to determine your value in life.
    Happiness, great relationships, peace and health are better measures."

  2. First of all Thank u …this is what I'd read in the book " The Power Of Now " …exactly the same it said…don't dwell in the future spend time in NOW so that you can enjoy your a little more…

  3. Try read this.

    In this world, is sacrifice. "You can't eat your cake and have it back". He either choose to sacrifice his current happiness (25 years) to make much money and his children don't suffer and much easier to make dreams come true and create happiness or he continues with what he is doing and his children will have to go through the same troubles and problems. Ask yourself which one would be most worth it? If you're reading this, you must choose and you have only one choice (at a limited time)