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  1. If you are ever caught unprepared by a sudden rainstorm, you should not run foolishly down the road or hide under the branches of trees, for you are going to get wet anyway. Accept that from the beginning and go on your way. This way you will not be distressed by a little rain. Apply this lesson to everything.

  2. I wish the incredible person reading this all the best in life; don't over-blame yourself, accept things, and move forward; don't let others define ”success” for you; get up, learn the skills you need, and get after it; the keys to a happy life are in your hands.

  3. To whoever may be reading this, just know you will achieve what you want in life. You are on the right path becoming one step closer to your goals. Manifest your dream life, anything’s possible. ❤️

  4. Well I have a disciplined mind, and I also have an educated mind, yes it's a very dangerous mind in what I've trained it to be functional in what it can manifest and manipulate and execute in application and action and what and whom I am angry with is those whom have discovered things that affect people in humanity and chose to remain silent to turn the blind eye or even chose to continue with that career knowing full well that their work is generated by this environment and other people that people are falling victim so that people that possess such knowledge can apply it so that they can generate an income. Kind of defines selling one's soul and who suffers the human species as a whole, no wonder we can't collectively move forward. The biggest sin one can perform is ignorance and being delusional.

  5. I have failed big, but that's only because I always go big. There are no big rewards without big risks. But always fall forward. Never fall back. Mistakes are lessons, and failures are learning opportunities. Focus, plan, execute, persevere. Dedication, determination and consistency lead to success. Work hard, but make sure you work smart, and mitigate your risks. A strong mental fortitude will take you far. But you have to strategize, and calculate your risks.

  6. do it afraid, shaking, terrified…but, first evaluate the goodness of what u are doing. Hitler, Stalin, Mao truly believed killing 50 million people was good. one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. ….define good

  7. Oh boy!! We are going to fall short. You bet we are. But fall at least giving it all you got. THAT, that is what will get us there, to the next level. To quote "don't do things that don't serve you".
    True…that holds you back and those you might touch in your journey. Love yourself. Have to before you can love others and find your purpose. Correct what is holding you back, and keep going—eyes open, heart in it to win it, step out. Don't miss what is yours. And only yours.
    Thanks AM…….?Blessings!!

  8. what are we actually afraid of? they are more afraid of losing than we are of winning.if we don't have a reset, let's get up and prevent them from being reset. the 3.Sargon is coming. And He will win,together with all of YOU. He is ready and the Devil know it.