6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy | Brian Tracy

6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy | Brian Tracy

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Take a moment to consider your answer to this question: What are you doing to keep your brain healthy and active? You may be spending hours each week focusing on developing a strong physical body, but fail to devote any time to actively seeking out ways to improve your mental fitness. http://bit.ly/2yVsdju

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The Power Of Positive Thinking: How Thoughts Can Change Your Life

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  1. Hello from Cambodia. A wonderful country having ancient temples; and well known for Angkor Wat and many good tourist destinations. To keep my mind healthy: I do exercise every morning by walking 1hour, cook healthy food by myself for breakfast, start make a list of morning time to listen to brother "Brian Tracy" lectures and watching again for the next morning. I want to be a millionaire one day, so I have to listen to your lectures and useful advises. Stay safe and healthy brother.

  2. To keep my mind healthy I pray, exercise, speak good things over myself, and limit negative input and influences. I am currently working on getting better sleep and eating better.

  3. Every morning I said to myself I love me I listen to audiobook of positivity and self help I keep on doing segment intending every one and half hour when I receive a call I say to myself wow I have some good news when the doorbell rrings I said to myself wow someone has come with good news. When anything happens even if it is negative I just say that god as a better plan for me and I try to find what is good in that for me,

  4. First, I'll start to stay a healthy lifestyle.
    Second, I'll crate reading habits to feed my mind positive energy daily.
    Last, I'll do those things right now.

  5. Reading positive things, exercising, positive affirmations, develop good habits (overcoming self destruction), eat healthy foods (positive mental health), set goals and deadlines, start walking towards it