6 Common Foods That Can Actually Kill You

6 Common Foods That Can Actually Kill You

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  2. Yes cyanide can kill you but it is a fact that apricot seeds can prevent or reverse cancer and it is the laetrile vitamin B17 and cyanide that do it and almonds also contain B17 which destroys cancer cells. It could kill you or save your life or prevent cancer. I eat 10 apricot seeds a day and Im fine. Also the bitter the better. 3 with breakfast 3 with lunch 3 with dinner and maybe 2 to 3 more before bed. Medical Industry doesn't want you to know because then they would lose there cash cow cancer.

  3. the cherry pits would leave your body before it can be digested! my kids ate so many cherries at the farm with the pits and poo'd them all out lol

  4. Damn…. Why dont they mention this stuff on food labels? We were always told brown rice is better than white rice. And why do they put brown rice in dog food (and I use brown rice when I cook for the dogs)? I’ve always just cut off or peeled the green from potatoes and these days potatoes are expensive so it would be a bummer to have to throw it out. Back in the 70s, we used to put honey in drinks we made for our babies… guess we almost killed them. ?

  5. So-called cyanide in the seeds and kernels is also called B-17 and is the cure for cancer, I ingest a lot of it daily for the past 6 years and I am in the best health of my life. It is propaganda from the cancer industry.

  6. Of course the foods you produce in America is going to make you sick. Your soil is dead, you don't grow organically and you seem to like GMO so much. Here in Europe we do things differently, we care for the soil and the nature and we have better health as a result. Now, who wants a nice Monsanto dinner?