5 Strategies to Handle Criticism | Robin Sharma

5 Strategies to Handle Criticism | Robin Sharma

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  1. I think you've given a straw man argument. He was simply talking about
    criticism in the social context of having the sole purpose of making someone feel bad, putting them down and not helping in any way. Like if you were practicing singing and someone said "you're dumb". That is not constructive and is best ignored. Also consider some are more sensitive, which is a good thing but they have to work harder not to internalize non constructive criticism. Questioning the source is a wise thing.

  2. "Criticism as a compliment…" Love it.
    Reminds me similar sentiment I've heard in the past: Piss someone off = you're doing something right.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. can you please upload a video on Anger management to help few of my loved ones and my own frustration and agitation ? please please please , thanks again for the Ridiculously g8 video.xx 

  4. Hey, I love Robin Sharma. But I have a couple of questions. 1. When should I go to sleep if I am going to wake up at 5 AM? 2. If I am going to do this constantly, do you have any suggestions for summer, because during the holidays I don't want to go to bed so early at 9pm.. 

  5. Sir thank you very very much. I was actually in really depressive state of mind because I have been tremendously criticized in my office in spite of performing a lot better than the others. After listening to your video, I am feeling so much positive now.

  6. Thank you Robin!
    I just had an idea that could just help my organization. I tried to sell my idea to my fellow Management Trainees, but only got feedback that its too much for us to shoot for.
    When I dug deeper, they were indeed full of fear on what is to happen,:that we might be overstepping boundaries or even present outputs that are worthless. You're point really addressed that. This video reinvigorated me to pursue it further.

    Time to review on their points and do some revisions. I'll make this idea work!

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  8. The five strategies are as follows:

    1)Every moment you focus on criticism you lose same time for your success and improvement.
    2) People criticize only those who are playing at their excellence.
    3)Use criticism for advantage.
    4)Critics criticize out of fear.
    5)Very nature of leadership is to attract criticism.