15 Minute Guided Meditation: Deepening Your Sense of “I” with Eckhart Tolle

15 Minute Guided Meditation: Deepening Your Sense of “I” with Eckhart Tolle

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In this 15 minute guided meditation, Eckhart talks about shifting your attention behind thinking, deriving the sense of self through …

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  1. Nice, I'm about to do the meditation. My sense of "I" has nothing to do with my body, my job, my name, my age etc….I am energy…frequency..SPIRIT. If I can get so present as to lose that programmed sense of "I" then I come into coherence with my true identity, which is Spirit and everything in my life has changed including healing from a lifelong condition doctors couldn't cure. All starts with PRESENCE..

  2. Is a guided meditation good for beginners? Because I think most people that do mediation can be just sitting in silence or is it just preference, instead of training?

  3. When they said she was going crazy, she was awakening.
    When they said that she was isolating, she was healing.
    When they said she was acting funny, she was growing.
    When they said that she had changed, she was evolving.
    When they said she did not care anymore, she finally realized that her peace lives within.

  4. So its superficial to want to create something good for mankind because it would be part of the illusion?
    I have come to see myself as Divinity/Spirit first but I still have to be in the body and live on the earth.
    I have come to the point where I feel as if my dreams to create a place of healing for all those who need it regardless of whether or not they have money and for animals is never going to happen because the darkness owns the earth and those who have awaken and are of the light simply ascend. Even love on earth is not love. Once you get to the true understanding but are too old/sick to do anything here you no longer need to be here? For the millionth time I thought I understood now I think none of it matters. I am so tired of going in circles chasing spiritual carrots. I've been through so much insanity, which truly no longer matters, but I'm just so tired all I really want to do is sleep, be with my cats, and listen to the birds.

  5. People whose sense of I that is derived from external things are wise because they know that they have to survive and not end up like the homeless sleeping on the streets.

  6. Please pray for me and my children. Prayers are all I need. I’m so discouraged and I’m losing hope. I’ve had so many people come against me that do not know me or my situation. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS the truth and my heart! My struggles are real! Jesus hear my prayers. I still trust in you and will keep my faith even though it is so very difficult at this time. I’m constantly faced with hardships and can barely support my two sons. Both of my boys are autistic and non verbal. I’m a single mom and I’m overwhelmed. Since covid I can’t seem to get back on my feet. I lost my job at Forsyth hospital for declining the vaccine. I declined because of my health conditions lupus and heart disease. I recently started waitressing and I’m glad to be working. But I’m just not making enough to get by. Every month is a struggle choosing groceries over paying bills. Struggling to pay rent. I know God doesn’t give us more than we can handle I will keep faith even though I truly want to give up. Jesus hear my prayers and keep me and my children safe I’m losing hope. ❤

  7. There is important work that awaits you now. You may have something to solve that you hope to answer. So give yourself endless space for your thoughts to roam. You can do so by simply taking out a piece of paper and a pen.

    Create an intention to scribble down any thoughts that come. Let the page become a companion for you. Have a conversation with yourself on paper. Let your thoughts roam, and don’t be surprised if some unexpected solutions find you.

  8. …????
    SO true.
    Life is generosity in ITSELF. ❤️
    Standing in the immensity of our true and deepest Self which is not an I but a whole, we can unite in a universal embrace where there is neither death nor birth but only Eternity, the cradle of the Eternal Present.
    The most precious GIFT ✨❤️
    SO grateful ????????✨

  9. Every person has different opinions about different things ????????and we can listen patiently to others feelings and thoughts and whatever ????❤koti koti pranam to krisnaji and preetaji and amma bhagwan and dasaji and Purnima ji and jija ji chat grateful ????peace love for ????who are very supportive and very caring for the sake of love and care and prayers and mercy ????and many more things ????om hirayanya garbhaya namah and om ????shanti ????????❤????

  10. There is nothing that relieves any discomfort I might feel at any time that is more than finding space and my attention behind my thinking!

    I cannot thank you enough for your constant reminders, Eckhart, nor myself for listening!

  11. Weiß nicht wie es zu beschreiben ist, aber es hat das Bewusstsein präsentiert, fühl es deutlicher. Einen Schritt zurück treten ist schwer, funktioniert im Moment aber deutlich leichter.
    Es braucht tägliche Übung. Danke.

  12. I wish I could go back hundreds of thousands of years in time to witness what it was like on the Earth when she was a Garden of Eden. To live as one with all the animals and nature in it's sublime untouched state. Whereas, I was intrigued when you mentioned in one of your question and answers talks, where the Earth could make man and woman infertile if they push it to the brink. Well, I feel like it's going that way Eckhart. Because this monitary and ego driven world has become so superficial beyond belief, that it'll never change. So, it'll always be hard for the true souls of a ruined Earth to utterly escape the sheer unreality of it. I hope someday I can find that inner place of divine peace where you emanate from.????

  13. Let me break this down as I see it.
    quote: " our sense of I" " this is the most important thing".
    So what is the source of the sense to sense "I", sense is either one of the five faculties of the body or to perceive something. " I" being oneself. So what is the source that prompted the sense to sense "I".
    " important thing", a "thing" is an object that one can't give a specific name to, it can't be an inanimate object here because the sense is coming from a living sentient being that it perceives. Or Is " I" here being in metaphysics which is the subject or object of self-consciousness( aware of ones own existence); the ego ( the sense of personal identity).
    Either way or however which way you look at what I have said or what the teacher has said, Everything had to have derived from a source.
    So the teacher is still evading what the source is in real terms for every thing to have derived from.
    Quote: " external form, thought form, emotional form all to identity yourself with accumulations of forms". All of this must have had a form ( in real terms)to form from. I mean the body is real a real form, so what is the source that formed the body. Thought cannot form anything real but real form can form ie give rise to thought once form has formed.
    There are no superficial human beings because the source that formed the human being is perfect and always will be. The brain of the teacher has been self inflicted with confusion that the source does not recognise. So what is that source of the imprinted knowledge within in real terms. Evolve thee.

  14. Deepen your sense of I.
    When you say I, you no longer refer to thought form based I.
    Your inner space is formless and intensely alive.
    Thanks Eckhart. 4 June 2023.????????????????????????????????????