14 generations inside our DNA ?

14 generations inside our DNA ?

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  1. This dude is just talking shit. This can be seen in the obviously dumb statement that it doesn't run in the family, but it runs in the dna, as If those aren't the same exact thing.

    He's just making excuses for people to play the victim. Slavery is over in america and is the least of the issues holding black Americans back. If they made an honest list of things harming black communities, slavery or racism wouldn't even make that list.

    Black slaves in america where enslaved by black people, not white people, and now black people are killing each other at far higher rates then any other race. Crying about slavery is absolutely rediculous when the black community is sabotaging themselves now.

    Look at jews and what they went through, yet instead of constantly crying about the holocaust and blaming everything on that, they focused on getting their shit together and lifting their communities. Both are comparable situations but only one of them is constantly brought up as an excuse

  2. So what about Italians that have Moorish blood in them? By this metric that would be affecting quite a few other Europeans as well who have negro DNA deep in their genes… the problem is you're not looking for a way out you're looking for fucking excuses to stay the victim and use that victimhood as a weapon against your fellow man…. and what makes this even Dumber is the fact that we were all trading each other not to mention that the term slave is from the word Slav… so please spare me the absolute bullshit!

  3. I love how you get to the point and your opinions, I'm getting sick and tired of people rumble on for hour(s) at a time. Thanks you, for getting to the point. We all want to learn from others, but for God sakes, GET TO THE POINT. Again, Thank you.?

  4. We are economic slaves the difference between slavery and economic slavery is that one slavery a master must provide for his slave food shelter clothing ect. Economic slavery is our master keep us down so they stay up by making us provide our shelter our own food and clothing the harder we try to get ahead the higher prices become the harder it is to get higher positions for higher wages ect.

  5. Just realize that we are all over comers of obstacles, hurt, and hindrances…and that it takes time and repetition to get better at doing so but each time it becomes easier and makes us stronger for each time we'll remember that the past is still hurtful but the notion that you've made it past that moment literally, life goes on and still have gifts being PRESENTED to us, for example the gift that we're still alive and have a chance to make our lives better, and it's called the present. Little steps in time become a leap over the hurdle that hinders us, just another lesson or blessing to be accepted and help us advance and become a better person for it.

  6. Hi thank you So So much for this post!!! Its been really on my mind and mum mum used to talk about it!! I'm Gravely concerned for our collective freedoms with the WEF Policy threatening everyone on the planet with DigiCard Id's – Social points based system like in China in the future it's disgusting and terrifying I'm gravely concerned for the future of all people and their Childers's quality of life!! Thank You keep encouraging Freedom and Education with what your doing.