? "NIKOLA TESLA WAS RIGHT, Why Is Nobody Talking About This!"

? "NIKOLA TESLA WAS RIGHT, Why Is Nobody Talking About This!"

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►Special thanks to Michael Tellinger!
Michael Tellinger’s full presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZLv2WT84CI&t=3232s

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  1. Free energy anti-gravity best medical tool ONE COULD EVER imagine..
    Tic Tac Toe
    Trinity Quantum time-space
    light color sound IAM frequency vibration in charge IAM creating ALL matter IAM
    all Consciousness IAM
    all gravity IAM .. all electromagnetic atmosphere
    4 all energy in the UNIVESALLworld we need,
    4 free energy
    4 Defying Gravity
    4making rain 4Pest Control 4Waste Control
    4the best medical tool ONE could ever imAgine
    4climate change FIX
    and much much more..
    in tHat eluSive #3
    IN ALL 369 vibration frequency in charge ..of all light color and sound.. in Trinity IAM Infinite Energy.. of infinite Realms of infinite intelligence of infinite energy and Judas said to Jesus I know of whom and where you are from..
    The infinite Realms of Barbalos of whom I am not worthy to speak the name

  2. Conscious love in wisdom, Powers3s our universe.
    ?TESLAS 369 foundations in light.
    Cause& Mirror

    COS MOS "IAM" DI^VINE MinD1 ALL ConCeption ?1IOVE⚖
    +01 =O=-01

    LikeMindIN ONE
    fatherTIME & MOther NATURE.. COcreating=<3 light3 sound3 and color3 vibration frequency in charge

    3 6 9 perfection in Divine DiVision conception *witch creates *our …

    Simplified 1( frequency vibration charge)
    2( amplitude wavelength frequency*, pitch loudness and tone*, red yellow blue



    1***radio waves÷7?,
    visible light÷7?,
    3***ultraviolet ÷7?(UV),
    X-rays ÷7?
    gamma rays÷7?

    ?COLORs ÷7


    Our 7 days of the week ÷?

    7 colors of the rainbow ( covenant)÷?

    7 notes in the musical scale,
    <3xSeven lights in everybody÷7?
    Tree ofMIND Creation÷369÷7?
    WindE3 3EWater 3EFire and E3Earth
    Tree of Life??÷369÷7?
    Tree of knowledge??<3…÷369÷7?

    =matter?, so we can see, the Glory of Our Great infinite Creator.. ONE that gives all mind, to BE3inONE.. AT'ONE'D

    QUANTUM ALL*MIND infinite ONE=?
    "IAM"=0= ÷
    VINE DIVIDE DiVISION*(thought)
    ♂️+01Times+ -01♀️Space.=.3Our Trinity
    3×3 ELECTRON is no Mass & infinite Mass…

    The True MAss of all PoTenTiaTed LIGHTS369
    EEEnergy, is the strEnGth of the ⚖♂️♀️ QTS>TRINITY X3 QIAMMinds

    Time and space are connected at all points of QUANTUMIAMs ENERGY field as One Mind.

  3. dont forget sometimes they put out half truths like in 1965 R Foster saying the moon is a plasma then saying oh the Americans and Russians will never land on it but another planet yes its possible

  4. First there was the word and the word was god and made manifest and walked among us. Your very word is god is creative power . And with god (word) all things are possible.

    This is all we need to know now let’s go and create any physical non- living thing we want.

  5. The only way to be connected to God is through His SON – Christ Jesus. Because we have such amazing minds and abilities does not mean we are one with God. It only means we are amazing creatures. We are the clay and God is the potter. A clay vessel is not connected to the potter even though that vessel is intricate and beautiful. The vessel is a result of the potter and not the other way around. But the amazing news is this; God has made a way to Himself! Only one way. The way, the truth and the life are Christ. Please seek HIM while there is still time.

  6. This is such a brilliant video, I watched sonic geometry after I saw it from this video, and to look at my sunflower in my garden by seeing the mathematics behind it, this is priceless, thank you

  7. Sounds like these were the preternatural gifts we lost in the fall! We used to have these abilities but were dimmed because of our doubt of Gods love/sin.

  8. Can I ask a daft question? I worked with a boss last year and I just didn't like her vibes. She was a highly critical person who belittled people around her at every opportunity and behind their backs. She just gave off a very bad aura and I felt uncomfortable in her presence even when she wasn't talking. Is it possible she vibrates on a different frequency? I am just starting to look into all of this

  9. Amen, Amen and Amen!
    So now we can replace the "electron" and the "proton" within an atom and just identify that energy signature as a THOUGHTATRON which is an electromagnetic wave function of the CREATORS thoughts at the SCALAR ATOMIC level of Cosmic Consciousness. THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT IS AN OCEAN OF CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the omnipresence of a living God everywhere as everything! Think about that for a minute … Yes that includes you! and all of that atomic energy that makes up your physical body.

  10. Bowie song Sound and Vision or the old band the Fugs Do not trust a man who isn’t ruled by Sound. Messages in art, music and writing ignored by many. Good video liked Eye of Horus bit thanks and blessings

  11. Tesla was too far advanced for anyone to understand him. We are just now understanding his concepts. Just think if society had accepted Tesla over Thomas Edison. What the world is doing with electricity today would have been done long ago. No telling how advanced we would be.

  12. There may be a logical relationship between the three speeds of light ( a hundred and eighty six thousand two hundred and forty two , four and six mph. ) as ( trans universal multivectored light ….. eddie's arround it'self in aid of constructing matter re.* )
    * Synergetics: The Geometry Of Thinking ( RICHARD BUCKMINSTER FULLER )

  13. Cause and Effect came from the basic principle of Displacement.
    If you include Displacement in EVERYTHING, you soon realize how simple the nature of all-things really are.
    It's so easy to understand that even a child can explain it.
    There is no such thing as "Pull". There is only Push-Together or Push-Apart. Look closer at magnetism and you'll see it.