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  • I think he seems to blend together entrepreneurs with artists and everything in between. Creating a successful piece of art is exactly the way he explained it in this video. Very high risk with very high reward. Extremely high risk even.
    I wouldn't say it's the same with starting a business in something "boring" or in other words, something useful. It does need to be something that is relatively in demand at the time with relatively meager competition. But not nearly as high-risk high-reward as starting something like a musical group or trying to become an actor.
    In fact some people believe that taking the entrepreneurial route is a safer route than college these days, especially with the college debt stories and such. I sure wish I went that way.

  • School was designed to suppress creativity. It’s a factory that produces worker drones. School indoctrinates, it doesn’t teach people HOW to think it teaches them how to MEMORIZE.

  • As a "high in openeness/creativity" person myself, I can relate immensely with everything he says about creativity and music. Music is priority, a passion, a job and much more in my life and I could not go on in a life without it. Still, it's clear to me that monetizing creativity is high risk/high reward. Peterson put all that reality into words better I could ever hope to explain to someone.

  • Canada's Gem. Now, if we could just fire the PM, the Supreme Court Judges, and take away the voting rights of the intellectual idiots; namely the Left…then, Canada would be better for it.

  • Why is almost every video about Jordan Peterson on youtube titled hilariously clickbaity and almost wrong and misleading? Damn the man has great talks and thoughts but the titles on the videos describe the content very little.

  • This guy should be lecturing the stupid creatures who label people as 'zips' or 'chinks' or 'nogs' and show them mature and human language. Start them off with children's literature, then maybe those things will actually think.

  • There are 13 countries in which atheism is punishable by death. There are 18 countries where homosexuality is punishable by death. ALL of them are Islamic.
    Islamic nations rank lowest in women's rights. In fact, cruel and unusual acts of violence are regularly carried out on women on a systematic basis in these nations. Islamic nations which do not have oil as a resource are backward, both in terms of technology and economy.
    Most of the terrorist groups active today commit similar acts of terrorism that are in line with the Islamic doctrine and claim to do so in the name of Allah enshrined in the Koran.
    There are thousands of Islamic terror groups active worldwide. ISIS and al-Qaeda are just the ones that got popular.
    Islam demands exclusiveness. And demands domination over other faiths. This makes it incapable of adjustment and co-existence.

    Everyone should see these videos.

    The Islamic hatred of Gays and Lesbians

    An uncomfortable truth

    Rotherham child abuse scandal

    The TRUTH about "grooming gangs" in Britain

    Rotherham grooming victims speak out for the first time

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    ISIS Magazine LAUGHS at the West's "Islam is a Religion of Peace" Narrative

    Sharia Showdown

    Sam Harris on The Mind of a Jihadist

    Sharia Law 101 – the essential statistics

    Hitchens explains Islam and why it is so STUPID.

    The DUMBEST Muslim Ever – Islamist Roasted

    Islam, Free Speech, and the Self-Hatred of the "Lunatic Left" – Anne Marie Waters in Stockholm 2016

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    Exclusive: Inside an Islamic State Terror Weapons Lab

    A Word To The Criminal Migrant

    An uncomfortable truth

    Best of Douglas Murray Amazing Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part 2

  • I disagree Mr P.
    Most entrepreneurs are closed off, stone cold liars.
    Artists are open people.
    Veeeeeery different.
    However, Mr P is neither, so I don't hold it against him. This is the first thing I've heard him say that I do not agree with.

  • 4:35 This is partly why bureaucracies stultify, right because what happens is as they develop they get chock full of contentious people – with a few psychopaths thrown in there just for good measure…. What a brilliant aside and sadly so so true.

  • Oh, that's an awful advice to be creative on your part-time, dr. Peterson, you cannot reach the front edge if you do it only in half-power. Whenever I had even an easy job, my science went nowhere, because I spent all my energy on doing nothing valuable. Here's a way truer point of view from Brian Eno:

  • 4:35 – LMAO …. Are you listening, European Union bureaucrats?

    Anyway, in summary, what Professor Peterson is saying here, brave feminist sisters, is that he want's you back in the kitchen (after a good fucking), and then stay the fuck out of the way while men behave like lobsters.

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  • Why do all the students have their laptops open? There can be nothing better for one's mind – especially through the learning process – than to sit, to listen and to observe. To listen with a 'hyper receptivity' and with a mind ready to process quickly and to think. And then, later, over a glass or two of wine or beer to discuss it all again amongst colleagues. God, how I miss those days as a student at university. I have decided to go back and study something further and for no reason than for its own sake.

  • So what I understand from this lecture is that the difference between those who can think innovatively without fear of disruption make much better entrepreneurs than those who always follow the leader, are structured and organized. And, that those in the military are generally follow the leader types who are structured and organized. When I served I was an outstanding sailor, sailor of the year in fact but I also ran a small printing and photography business on the side which continued once I got out. If what I understand about this lecture is true, I am not sure how that applies to people like me where we have very high IQ's, are very creative yet we are structured and organized in a manner that enable us to find success as entrepreneurs. hmmmm?? I guess I need to do some reading 🙂

  • Wow! I think that it's sad to view creativity this way. The problem is that society does not cultivate creativity anymore. Just robot worker slaves! Of course he thinks this way.

  • Peterson is romanticizing the entrepreneur. He forgets that the creative people at a firm are distinct from the managers. Two different types, both necessary, but rarely combined in one, except in our culture's mythology. My guess is that the entrepreneurs who really take the reins of the business side of the enterprise are high in extraversion and in power motivation with at least moderate conscientiousness, but not high in openness, which can lead to distraction and flightiness. The creative people in fact usually fall by the wayside early on, as managers and venture capitalists take over.The managers who persist want success and reward and power and dominant status and seek it doggedly. They aren't absorbed in creation and flights of imagination. A head of GM famously said, "General Motors is not in the business of making cars. It is in the business of making money." In other words, he'd be happy making pet rocks if there was more money in it. That's not the mentality of someone characterized by "openness," the artistic, creative type. That's the mentality of the manager characterized by extraversion and motivated to gain power regardless of how it is achieved. Peterson's idealization is typical of his tendency to accept prevailing pro-business ideology at face value.

  • Writing original & good music must require going outside the box. ( The creative person who is depending on a group that is not just followers ( like Brian Wilson), is doomed to failure unless he shuns the the people who must contributed to fulfill their own ego. They are degrading something they dont fully understand for their own ambition.

  • I worked in a skunk works in a couple hundred million dollar biz. The battles between eng & marketing and management were great fun to watch. Couple of things I observed. Management and mktg were run by conformists. Always looking for the next super widget. Blind people in a cave at midnight had more insight( kind of a mixed metaphor, sorry) than execs. They need to be lead by their noses to the right decision. Unfortunately often bad actors exist. External Selling by engineers is usually a bad idea but but internally it becomes necessary. Competing ideas that compete for funding can be scary times with weak and uniformed management
    When you see tens of millions being flushed down the pipe and mgmt can't or won't see the flaw in previous decisions run like hell. Eventually you will be making stuff that looks cool but nobody wants. What sells should rule the day. Office politics generally wins even after you tell them time and again the physics is flawed or the sell price makes ROI impractical. Sometimes no inovation can save a company from being destroyed.

  • If something isn't working sometimes (actually almost always) the best solution is to scrap everything and start over. According to his logic, it makes perfect sense though. Failure until success. For the creative types that is.

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