YOUR ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Motivational Speech 2020

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YOUR ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Motivational Speech 2020

Tony Robbins
Les Brown
David Goggins
Jocko Willink
Wayne Dyer
Eckart Tolle

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Video Sources:

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  1. "I got me here, I can get me out of this." The moment you say that to yourself….and you MEAN IT. That's when your life will start to change. Just remember…sometimes it took you YEARS to get into your situation. That means it may take you YEARS to get out of it. Don't ever give up. That's why you need to love the process, because for the longest time the process is all that you are going to have. For me, I have to believe. I have to believe that if I keep going, I will get out of this darkness. I choose to believe in hope.