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  • What Kankana Day said below is so true, I spent the beginning of my life in education, 2 come out of it with no GCSE’s day brought a variety of illness that prevented me being in school & amongst pupils. Then in & out of work of any sort just to pay my bills, feed & clothe myself. Then I had a a rare brain tumour almost 12 years ago that has changed my life completely. All the career paths & training I have done, I am no longer able to do. So something does desperately need to be done in the educational world! I’m on a great path in my life now due to mainly researching the brain, nutrition, health & wellbeing. But none of this boils down to what I learnt in the first 10+ years of my life – school! I absolutely love ur mindset JAY SHETTY ur on a great path 2 success, good on you πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ™

  • My biggest dream is that I could do over life. at 56 I've failed at everything and I'm still failing, lost and alone. In my youth social media didn't exist, no one talked about self help, motivation. Life began with such a disadvantage then truly.

  • I feel a marathon coming on…Oh My…I love you and your wife so much…You will change my life I am sure….Tired of being a bit lost…You guys newest ardent fan/student 😍😊

  • My dream is love myself entirely and trust myself in my journey with becoming someone big in the law enforcement field. I want to help people and fix our broken system.

  • My dream…? Believe that I can still triumph. One of my brothers committed suicide. Two of my brothers died of AIDS. I survived cancer but the treatments have left me handicapped. I am numb with grief and loss of hope.

  • My crazy dream is the biggest anyone can dream.I wannna write produce sing and choreograph music works and inspire people through my music.All the pains in my life will be reflected in my music that anyone in pain will forget theirs and believe that if I can they can too.Tgen I'll become a legendary idol and save most of the money I made in heaven by giving it to ones who need it

  • I'm training to become a teacher and personal development is definitely a subject I would like to teach children and I could incorporate some activities into my lesson plans or extra curricular activities

  • My dream…. To stand on the biggest music stages in the world merging live electronic music, influences from around the world, stunning visuals and live orchestra. How am I going to do this?

    I left a career as a chef (which I've hated & resented for many years) in a well paid job to pursue my dream. I just walked out of my job. Something just clicked where I said to myself "F**K this"! I was sweating my ass of for up to 10, sometimes 14 hours a day in a thankless and emotionally and physically debilitating job. And all to help someone else make their dreams come through!

    Recently I've taken online courses in making silver jewellery so I can utilize the sea glass I have found on beaches over the past few years so I can sell it online. I've spent my last few weeks wages buying the equipment needed for this and left myself broke. I've been getting up at 4.30/5am to have a cold shower, read, eat breakfast and go to the gym. All this is done before 9am when most people are only getting out of bed. I'm in the process of building a super high spec camper van so I can travel the world and pick up ideas for my live music show when I return home in the coming years. I've had to research camper vans, source workmen to do the work, source all the equipment needed to kit out this camper van etc… The list is massive. This camper van will be funded from the money I will make from the sales of jewellery online. I have 20 years experience as an electronic DJ and will use this as a base to form my group but I still have to gain a massive amount of knowledge on equipment and software program I will need to know to get form this band. Equipment and software I also have to fund. I've eliminated a lot of people out of my life who were not contributing to this dream. I don't have a Facebook (or Brainfreeze as I like to call it) account any longer. I go to bed early, eat well, keep toxic people out of my life and remember my dream every day. There are days when I want to crawl into a hole and hide from it all just as all our heroes have felt on their journeys to success. There are days when I question my decision to leave the career which was paying the bills to follow my dreams. I've had to learn so many things to get here that were all totally foreign to me in order to help fund the initial stages of leaving the job I hated. And I'm still learning. I sometimes complain worse than your ex girlfriend/boyfriend. I'm scared of the success (not the failure) that will follow my hard work. Will I be able to handle it? Of course I will? Why? Because I'm no different to any of the film stars, motivational speakers or the idols we all look up to on a daily basis. Same hours in the day and a brain which is so malleable that can be manipulated into anything you desire. I'm 42 years old and it's taken me until now to realize that you can become anything you want to. You mind doesn't want it though. Your brain want to do nothing more than survive with the least possible work. I don't enjoy the early morning rises or the pain from the gym. Or the healthy diet when I could sit around a watch tv with the lads all day and eat crap food. But the early morning rises, gym sessions & healthy diet are the fuel that grease the wheels to my dreams. All of the above were brand new things to me. But I learned. And so can you. Lots of motivational videos and books I've read swear by visualization techniques to manifest things into your life. This is 100% true. If you systematically picture yourself in the future living your dream you will make things happen today to create the impossible.
    I used to party, do drugs, work a dead end job, keep parasitic people in my life and almost any other thing that was detrimental to my fulfilling my dreams. So, I suppose the message of my post is………………….


  • Jay sir uh r truely an inspiration when i heard that uh were a monk at a point of ur life i was truely amazed cause in my teenage i dont know how i was driven by my spiritual instincts to go and get a spiritual training and asked that from my parents but they were afraid thinking what if i went too deep into this stuff that i gave up all my life in exploring my spiritual side and they convinced me some how and i got over that phase but now when i came across uh i feel a deep sense of regret nt being able to do that at that time thinking how different my life could have been and how better could i have used my energies in life but slowly it seems the society has trapped in its snare of competetion and avarice and too am not completely untouched by it. I just wish to get completely rid of these feelings and at some point of my life invest my time in realizing my spiritual side. I m defeinitly sure that there might have been a purpose of god in making me come across uh…i m happy uh are standing out in this crowd and helping us find our own space. Thank uh so much

  • Jay I read somewhere if you see a man of rare intellect ask him what books he reads. I would highly appreciate if you could share what kind of books you read πŸ™Thankyou πŸ˜‡

  • To be a nurse. I left school with no qualifications as in care since 13 but 28 I did my A levels in Health and social care and studied English got c. I now run my own care business so I achieved great. 40 this year still in the back of mind if I should study maths and achieve my dream but maths scares me

  • My dreams are to travel around the whoLe world, making a positive lasting different in every place I go, help giving them the knowledge to change their lives while giving the nessacary material and help to make it possible, all while having a business of my own that allows me to do this and the company also has and positive effect on the world, from the material I produce to the way the employee's are treated and also given the driveto go also go after there dreams and change the world in their unique way, all while having a good time.

    To become an actor that plays in meaningful powerful roles, like you said help spread wisdom and truth, all while having fun and instilling in people that anything is truly possible if they work hard hit and are determined and not give up until they achieve it.

    And honestly to in the future in some way shape or form be apart of your team with helping share wisdom and knowedge while still making it entertaining and help truly change the lives of many all while have a great time doing it and experiencing the greatest joy,

    oh and to also learn as many languages as I can. To be able to share this knowledge to others in other countries from a heart to heart place and so that I can make an impact wherever I go, starting with Japanese, Spanish, italian, Russian, finish, chinese and many more.

  • My dream is to make a difference in this world like you do. Thank you for you videos, you've opened my eyes to so many things. And I hope will make a change in my life and the way people perceive me. My biggest dream is to succeed in life and start a family. I dont want to live a rich lifestyle nor do I wanna live a poor lifestyle. I just want to live comfortably as a middle class and be able to have the family I want and be able to give my kids a better life than I have.

  • My dream is to create a life worth living and to wake up everyday with passion for life. My dream is to start my dance troupe and serve with the head, heart and hand. I used to teach baton twirling and my goal is to give something back to my local community and inspire young people and become a positive role model. I want to make that change and be the person who makes that change I want to see in others. It starts with me. Stop judging myself and others and live authentically its starts with ME!

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