YOU ARE STRONG! An Incredible Speech by Jordan Peterson

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Speaker – Jordan Peterson

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  1. God bless this man. I make my bed everyday… I realize life is suffering and it grows compassion in me for others as I am just as flawed. I think I grew up at 43. No more fantasy life. I have failed but I am redeemable. He’s the father figure I never had…. I’m in tears

  2. If you have panic and anxiety, PTSD I agree with small doses of exposure. If you can't talk to a therapist talk to someone that listens, you can often reason your way out of it. And it's just what he says in the video what are you so afraid of? Well I didn't know why I avoided taking a shower/bath for a while. Listen to the words in the back of your mind. They were convincing me I would drown. It's not logical. But PTSD rewires your brain. I talked this through. I could not believe I was not listening to the voice behind my conscious thoughts. It's a bit more difficult when you feel like you're not in your body at the grocery store. But what is creating more prisons within your PTSD and anxiety it's not listening to the voice behind the voice. Confront it with logic and reason. I am not going to drown. Interrupt the subconscious loop. It's fucking hard but it's worth it.

  3. Jordan my brother had an autoimmune disease he nearly died he was going to great oldmand street hospital for years. It traumatized us all thankfully he survived and was cured by growing out of it something that I believe only children can do. I hope your child is ok.

  4. Wow, his message is for people like I. I am trying my hardest to listen, but I keep forgetting subjects.

    Life is suffering, instead of claiming victimhood, face what you are afraid of, get used to that, let it strengthen me, organize to do something about it instead of wallowing in despair, go out and apply yourself when you truly know what you want, but make sure to list from 1-10 the things you are most afraid of, then face those things taking steps to overcome them. The responsibilities of being an adult is realizing knowbody knows better judgement than you yourself without the the validity from a father figure to judge your actions, you are your own judge instead.

    As much as I hear, my brain won't absorb it as facts. It needs resoning and resolves that make sense to sponge it up so to speak.