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NahLo Kicking Knowledge is my space where I talk about any and everything from astrology to the latest current events. I'm a creative soul with tons of hobbies that include, teaching astrology, making music, acting, writing and performing poetry. this is the age of innovation, everybody is showcasing themselves through, social media. I'm late to the party but am happy to have finally arrived. take the time to enjoy my videos, I hope you learn something or become inspired from it. LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL

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  • Women are making 70 cents to every mans dollar. 'typical' hasn't existed yet-
    Also, there are alpha and beta females just like Alpha and beta males ….and not all women are attracted to other women – a lot of women are threatened by other women because of the pecking order of things..

    What I like to call the " very pretty contest" seems to be a form of territorial engagement because of the constant objectification women are used to( and not actually able to make as much as a man- being hot means you may MARRY into money)…so, there are women that think the prettiest of the women are the alpha females (they go first, in charge, etc)… they have a specific idea of what makes up pretty (from makeup, to shoes ,to wearing your hair a certain way …whatever) and basically filter their universe with superficial values.

    Women, like men , want security..and cash is king-
    Yet when your still make on average, 70 cents to every mans dollar, it makes sense cash=security would be on your crosshairs…you have to work harder, longer to make the same amount.

  • The system is set up intentionally for men to make more money. We can either stay locked into it & be capitalized upon, or we can create our own lane to create better provisions and opportunity for our babies. The system has forced us to take the risks associated. Our children give us no option but to succeed.

  • My bosses are a married couple. He manages the customers and the employees and she manages the ressources. He is outgoing and communicative ♒️ (male energy type ) and she’s stable , organized & nurturing ♑️ (female energy type ) The company couldn’t progress without these two energies combining…. 💜

  • I had no idea you had a kid!! But there are a lot of things to consider here

    1. It really depends on the industry.
    2. It depends on your customer base.
    3. Let’s not forgot that men can use their sex appeal and charm to get women to spend and we all know that the female dollar is very strong!
    4. In addition, all the responsibilities that women take on if they chose to be an entrepreneur while raising a family. There is WAY more pressure on women to be super moms. To take care of the house, kids and spouse all while maintaining a career or in this case running a business!!! That’s not counting the women that are single moms.
    It’s a lot.

    I’m glad u said everyone’s sign cause I was def wondering.

    I work more than my spouse (who is a Gemini) and he doesn’t mind, he also says it’s attractive. I’m a cancer sun but I don’t really care for traditional roles I just care about us both getting this money and living the life I deserve. I think it’s all about finding balance.

  • Great talks, truly beautiful people. Hahaha before you said anything GB I thought about their zodiac signs and were thinking ”of course, he’s a Capricorn so I get it” 😂 I love what the Cancer said about being intimidated until he has his shit ”packed up, off and flowing” because of the honesty. So the ego we have generally is fucked up but it is what it is and we all have it in different ways but to be honest but mainly aware of it is sexy. Maybe the bravest thing would be to surrender (for all of us) but whatever. I can relate. When I was a teenager I was thinking I wouldn’t feel good enough to be someones girlfriend until I finished high school, moved out (to the capital of Sweden), got a job, my driving license and a boob job. That was like 8 years ago and 2 weeks after I accomplished all of that (still 18 years old) a man I was in a relationship with for years showed up. I understand the person I was because I was into older men because I’ve been mature for my age but more so a deep person (today I can just find a water or earth moon and feel satisfied lol) but I still wanted to feel equal as much as possible for my ego to relax but also so my partner didn’t feel he needed to put in the extra work to be with me, for example work more than he was planning or wanting to but feels he has to to be a ”man” because I believe those things can destroy something beautiful. I like and support the struggle for oneself or ones child but other or more than that it shouldn’t feel or be hard to enjoy each other and have fun. And if we first invest in ourselves to feel complete then the relationships we will have will feel true and smooth and the challenges that will come with feeling like that will be more of spiritual challenges. Ok feels like my comment had nothing to do with your subjects lol. Thanks to all y’all!

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