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When Wayne Baker developed his revolutionary group exercise “The Reciprocity Ring,” he thought the goal was getting people to become more generous. He soon discovered that generosity wasn’t the problem. People are actually very willing to help others. The real struggle is getting them to ask for what they need. Our early conditioning in school has led us to believe in the myths of self-sufficiency: we’re meant to do everything alone; asking for help makes us look ignorant; and other people are uninterested in helping us, anyway. As a result, instead of reaching out when we need help, we tend to isolate ourselves and suffer through our work. In this keynote, Baker shatters these long-standing myths that no longer serve us. Drawing from the lessons in his upcoming book All You Have To Do Is Ask, Baker shows us how to ask meaningful questions, co-create better solutions, and build generous organizations from the ground up. The result is a happier, more productive, and highly engaged workplace.

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