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  • I started a business last week. I spent $75 to get it going. I had a hat and polo shirt embroidery with company info, printed business cards at home and made a display to hold the product I was selling. I wanted to see if people would buy my product in a different way than going to the store for it. I went business to business and made $150 profit the first three hours. The next day I spent 5.5 hours and made $300 profit with $500 in total sells. The next day was nearly the same. Within 3 days I spent 15 hours total and made $750 profit. My problem now is scaling the business and getting enough product to continue. Once this happens I will place ads and recruit people in other cities to mirror me. I have been contacting private label companies this week as my current one can't handle the amount I plan to sell. People make it so hard to start a business. I had an idea, tried it, and within 24 hours I had results. I told no one and just did it without thinking. Just go!

  • I talk to 3 angel investors in the city where I live big investors we only got 30 minutes to talk who listen to people's ideas. They kept cutting us off meaning me and my wife would not listen it was really frustrating. I think they barely heard the first three lines of what I was telling them and then had made up their minds without even listening spent the rest of the meeting listening to them talking about their successes me and my wife walked out of the meeting just shaking our heads 30 minutes later thinking wtf lol. We managed to patent a software system for e-commerce websites we already have one big company wanting to use the system system is being licensed now we went for government funding and have been approved for up to 500k. We no longer need angel investors our system can be used in any ecommerce website in the world the patent lawyers said commercially it's huge seen nothing like it. Our software developers have seen nothing like it my advice to any angel investor is actually listen to the person because you can miss out on a big opportunity if you keep cutting them off 😂🤣😂😎 our system can be used in eBay you name it anywhere Amazon and will improve these sites massively watch this space have not approach these companies yet but will do in the coming months.

  • How an investor made money, focusing on how I say it an idea or focusing on where I want to rich with my idea? An if I have it all figured out Why di I need an investor? I can go directly to the bank for a loan.

  • Lady this and all r the most B's in the world. Those expertise u talk about r pure commun senses. And u come and talk about what? The connections u have with wealthy ppl. Fok off. If the idea is good u win but they win big time too and so this Muppet lady.

  • I have finished watching this video completely.
    (for 4 times @@)

    I am a Taiwanese who cares about the global affairs.


    And, sadly, most of my fellow Taiwanese don't really care about the world.


    Hopefully Taiwan can become increasingly globally-aware and globally-competitive.


    God bless Taiwan.


  • When you dont fund a business because the entrepreneur burped on your face, then funding is not for you. Sorry. Pitch-Funding is a highly competitive, vicious business, and not about class or etiquette or ethics..if your know Zukerberg you will know that.

    p.s. as far as I know, burping and farting is digestion related and completely involuntary, dont see how it can be held against people. If you choose cos. based on personal preferences instead of business, you're a danger for your co. Try closing your orifices and dont burp/fart for a day, you will know the significance when you land in hospital.

  • There are a few reasons why investors say no to most of the pitches.
    1. They want to minimize the risk and so they are very cautious about investing their money to only a select few where they are confident about making reasonable returns. Sounds reasonable..
    2. Contrary to popular belief they usually do not invest in a new idea or concept as they see it as a bigger risk. This is unfortunate..
    3. Investors do not invest in individuals, doesnt matter how good you are, they want to see a team. Understandable..
    4. And most importantly again contrary to popular belief Investors typically misread the market and demand, thats why a vast majority of their investments are doomed, only a few bear any fruit. This is the bitter truth, and investors know it and thats the reason they play safe..

    So if you have a credible team (here credibility…meaning atleast few r from ivy league schools or from the elite class having worked in companies like FB, Apple, Google and likewise), you are very likely to get investors for your shittiest ideas compared to a guy who really has a great idea but lacks the credibility (as per investors' definition).

  • Bcz they don't have vision or money or the guts needed to think and do big things. They were just lucky to have got that money. Yes LUCK , luck decides your wealth. Believe it or not. And most Investors did not make wealth from startups , they just got lucky and don't know what it takes and hows the journey. They are douchebags.

  • It is sad that the only thing that matters is a 3 minute presentation. Only the people who can lie by inflating the numbers, while looking investors into the eyes have any chance.

  • I say NO to investors.. Don't beg for their money and don't waste time with them. Start small and grow by yourself at your pace. When you will be successful they will chase you. You are the free to choose

  • I have an handheld electrical invention which can cure all sickness in seconds using Tesla technology and ancient Chinese acupuncture principles. Huge worldwide potential. Looking for investors. (832) 343-5425

  • She said if your Idea is not a multi-billion dollar one Investors will say no to your seed money what kind of Bs is this; nobody starts out as a Billion Dollar company you would be fortunate if it ended as a 7 figure corporation if my Idea was a multi-billion dollar one I would patient the Idea quick.

  • I was in the Angel investor group for a while. Watched and seen how they play the part. In 5 years I have just become debt free with my business and that was so great. Now it's time to grow the business with just over 400 local customers i wonder if i ship all over the USA could i hit four million clients . I am up for the challenge.

  • Who put the mad woman from the attic on stage?

    There are bits of truth in here, TED used to be a reputable source of information but when you get egoistic people like Tai Lopez or this thing on stage you devalue the TED image.

  • What do you think of Gunnga ? It’s a new social network for startups, entrepreneurs and investors. I signed up a few weeks ago and think it’s brilliant.

    Anyone else signed up to Gunnga ? Please let me know your thoughts.

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