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  1. Network Marketing is straight BS. Save the money that you're spending doing that garbage and get into real estate investing. I shake my head at people who waste money doing this sort of stuff. Stop with the BS! Having to constantly sell, sell, sell. Man, just buy a rental property, fix it up, refinance it, rent it and sell it. Repeat. Bro, it blows my mind how people waste their time with garbage. For real!! RK has never been in a network marketing scheme himself. People wake the help up! When's the last time you've reviewed what your net operating income is doing this bullshit. What's your CoC? Do you actually control the means of production? Do you have any real influence on intellectual property? No. You're not a business owner. Sorry, the facts hurt.

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  3. As i know so far you mate my god. no one other then robert kiyosaki. But i would like to ask you question. I Hope you wouldn't mind. Is DXN is good net work marketing company because as my god said "your greatest assets is your mind be aware what you put inside". I hope you will respond my comment.it would mean so much. Thank you.

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