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This video will show you Why I Stopped Smoking Weed and How it changed my life…

This video, I’m going to be sharing with you why I stopped smoking weed or marijuana, how I did it, and how it’s absolutely transformed my life since I’ve done so. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you the why I quit smoking marijuana and how I did it and how it changed my life and baby. A perspective that you haven’t heard before. Now, first off, let me say with this that I quit back in 2012, so it’s been a while now, but I feel like I want to make this video because there’s a perspective that I have with it that I think is a little bit different than you’ve heard of other people that may have talked about the same thing, how they used to do it and how they stopped doing it.

First off, let me say, you know, I live in Vegas. It’s legal here, is legal becoming more and more legal other places. I’m not in any way saying that weed is bad or marijuana is bad. The question is not whether it’s bad or good, I think the question is is isn’t efficient and does it work for you? Because for a long time I was smoking and just to give you a little bit of a background on it, I used to have what is called Adhd, which means I was taking adderall so that I could focus which would like really help me focus, but the side effects of adderall where I couldn’t eat very much and I couldn’t sleep very much, so I took adderall for years. I worked a sales commission job at the time selling women’s shoes and I remember I would take that during the day at work.

I’d be very focused. I would make a lot of money and then I would go home and at the end of the night it was. It would have trouble sleeping and I have trouble eating well. What takes care of that? Well, weed is something that when you do it enhances your appetite and it also enhances being able to sleep good. So what I would do is during the day I would take adderall. I would make money at work selling women’s shoes at Nordstrom’s here in Las Vegas and I would come home at night and then what I would do is I would smoke so that I could kind of wind down and get to a place to where I could eat and I could sleep. And I did that for a long for, for probably a year and a half, two years very consistently. And it worked at the time. However, one of the things I realized was that I felt like I felt like I was dependent on it as dependent on both the adderall and that of the weed.

And I remember just starting to get little signs. It was almost like little signs that there was other ways to go about this. And there was other ways that I could balance out my energy. And I remember I actually came across and found a, a, a, a research article on meditation and the powerful effects of meditation, how meditation can balance out the hormones. Um, and I was like, oh, that’s cool because it’s adderall is making me feel more dopamine. But then I’m crashing and I don’t feel as good, and meditation is something I can do that I can balance myself out and there’s only positive side effects, then why wouldn’t I try that? So the idea was I’m going to try meditation. So what I did is I started meditating and at first I thought it was kind of annoying to meditate. I remember sitting down and a.

What I did is I started at a candle flame because I read that somewhere. If you started a candle flame, it keeps the eyes focused on one point. And when your eyes are focused on one point, your eyes aren’t moving around. If you’ve ever heard that saying that when your eyes wander, your mind wanders. It’s like every time your eyes shift, you have a new point of stimulus. So if you keep it focused on one point and it becomes much easier to focus. So what I did is I focused on that candle flame, that one point, and then the first day or two that I decided to learn meditation, there wasn’t a huge difference because I was still trying to control my mind. I was like, can’t think negative thoughts. This is also shortly after I learned that I learned that have the secrets and the power of it.

I was really starting to apply it in my life, which is like the law of attraction. So what I was thinking negative thoughts as I can’t think negative thoughts. I was trying to block them out because I didn’t want to manifest something bad, but what I did is a. by the third day I read somewhere and I just had this feeling that if I would just observe my thoughts and allow them to be there, that that would change a lot, that I would get a completely different result. And I remember that I made this choice…

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  1. Definitely relate to what you are saying. I’ve stopped smoking and started a few times over the last 10 years. When meditating regularly I simply didn’t need cannabis. My vibration was indeed much higher. Creative energy was incredible. Now I am back to regular use with some perspective on this.

    After a few days / weeks / of sobriety with little to no meditation, I find my way back to the gangi.

    As a parent, that lives and works abroad, I find nightly use to shift the perspective and wind down (or ramp up creatively if I have avoided something I needed and wanted to take care of ) in the evenings – to be beneficial.

    As someone who doesn’t drink, I like the knowledge that I have this non toxic thing that will pretty quickly get me to some “acceptance” of the basic motives and dealings in my day / life.

    The only caveat I feel are increased head noise / imagination or overactive thinking if I smoke or ingest heavy THC strains. CBD is incredible to ingest or CBD rich strains for me.

    But yeah, hear you brother and really appreciate you sharing your experience and story.👍

    It’s a good reminder of a truth I share a belief in.

    And Thank you for the reminder to meditate!


  2. 2 years back i was really active until i strated smoking weed i became soo negative nobody likes me i had Lost all hopes i can't focus on my future anymore my life became a fantasy i wanted that old me again soo i decided to stop after 4 months i was becoming more socialized i was able to focus more, i couldn't be that me again from 2 years back but I'm much more better than the me when I'm smoking weed i could still have a new better life. In my opinion there is no good in weed weed is like satan it'll ruin your life eventually.