Where The Rich Go On Vacation (& why you should go there too!)

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What destinations would you recommend where it’s easy to meet and mingle with the rich?

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  1. In the US, every year all of the NY City snowbirds come here to Palm Beach and Naples, FL from January – March
    If you’re college age, I highly recommend Palm Beach Atlanta University, Florida Gulf Coast University or Pepperdine University to meet old money wealthy crowd.

  2. for me it definitely was Bermuda. It is full of rich newyorkers who go there for a break, rich expats with great jobs. The advantage is that it is really small and they are all concentrated in a limited perimeter. no need for a rich men radar. you just go out in hamilton on a friday evening et voila!

  3. I’ve been to Monte Carlo, such a weird place, like a toy town. Paris lots of times, Venice lots of times, and learned skiing in Dolomites in Italy. Anna, you should ski! I learned in one day. Maldives is paradise lovely, there’s nothing much to do except diving, which is amazing, so great! I live in central London and go out in The City or Mayfair, Fulham and Chelsea.