What Are Some Relationship Hacks? (Reddit Stories)

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  1. Cheat on her. Openly and often. This will remind her that she's expendable….so she tries THAT much harder to keep you. It makes her see your value. It makes her fight for your affection. It also helps if you are an abusive alcoholic. Bonus points if you can impregnate her at an early age. Your relationship will last years, sometimes even decades this way. At least….this is the hack I've picked up on by observing countless relationships around me 😉

  2. You know I did all of this with Addison Rae I just didn't have the camera on. Oh yeah I'm not in a relationship. It gives me something to say to the losers who are in one and it makes me seem like a caring samaritan. Win-Win

  3. 13:49 is great advice, the response and it's reasoning is not. A lot of marriage breakdowns are due to money.
    A lot of the other good tips remind me how some straight men (in general) don't remember their partner's birthday or anniversary, or how to buy thoughtful gifts. Why is that?

  4. i aint no relationship expert, but I can tell you that the best thing in a relationship is honesty, the simplest things like saying "this dress doesn't look good on you try another one" that get people mad, but its the truth, and some of the time the girl will only wear something YOU like, so it's best to help them find something that looks good on them, and that they like and feel comfortable with, and this goes with everything else in a way, you just have to think about the other when they're asking you for your opinion

  5. Relationship hacks?
    If you need to hack your relationship then you have bigger issues.
    The first two of these hacks were utter nonsense, I didn't go any further.
    Here's a hack: pay attention to the person you are in a relationship with.

  6. I saw this as relationship advice way back when. It was an old guy who was asked how he kept his relationship healthy with his wife for so long. So I'm doing it now and ny girlfriend loves it.

    Every morning when she wakes up greet her with a unique good morning message. This does a couple things:
    -it let's her know you care
    -Crafting a unique message every morning gives you something to work on in the relationship

    Bonus points if you write it down in a journal to keep track and leave it somewhere for her to find if she hasn't quite realized what your doing.

  7. This is more of a friend zone hack. If the person you like isn't interested in you immediately, being friends for a little while so they can get to know you is totally fine. If it is going on for months, and you are just pretending to be okay with it, it's not fine. Come clean, shoot your shot, if they're not into you, move on. It's better for the both of you. They will respect you a lot more for it, and you will respect yourself.

    If you are in the friend zone, man or woman, you put yourself there, not the other person. The other person thinks they have a friend, but you're really waiting, plotting, scheming to get them to like you romantically. Otherwise, you wouldn't call it the friend zone. I've been on the giving and the receiving end of the friend zone, and it's creepy either way. I must have creeped out a lot of guys, and a lot of guys have creeped me out by plotting to get me into a relationship when I clearly stated that I wasn't interested. Just hanging around indefinitely is unhealthy for the both of you.

  8. if you're in a relationship with a female, then here's an easy 'HACK.' just consistently put her in competition with other women, but, 'BUT' orchestrate it where she comes out the winner. for instance, one of my old favs for generating either a forgiveness or pushing her into 'FULL ON SLUT MODE', is sending her flowers or giving her presents in front of other females. the more close to the females she is 'THE BETTER.' if she works, have them arrive sometime after lunch. 'LUNCH' is when they usually will get together to discuss(COMPETE OVER) their lives, NOT JUST THEIR SPOUSES,' but their lives. when they are delivered, her audience of females will make more of a fuss than she over the delivery("GIRRRRL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE DID, BUT IF YOU DON'T WANT HIM I'LL TAKE HIM." "WISH MY MAN SENT ME FLOWERS."). if it's forgiveness, 'DONE!' if it's riled up sex-kitten, just play it coy when she brings up the flowers, "NAW. NO SPECIAL OCCASION. I JUST THOUGHT TO MYSELF THAT I DON'T SHOW YOU ENOUGH HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU. SO I THOUGHT, YOU KNOW, I'D SHOW YOU." don't even bring sex up, 'BELIEVE ME, SHE WILL.'
    give her a 'SQUEAL-WORTHY' gift in a crowded restaurant, 'THEN EXCUSE YOURSELF TO THE RESTROOM OR SOMETHING.' leave her there for a few minutes preening alone, every chick in there, including staff, will pump her up with their murmurings and glares. again, 'PLAY IT COY, NONCHALANT.' these idiots aren't that difficult to figure out.

  9. Keep the stuff you do with your partner in the bedroom private. Too many times I see dudes brag about it right in front of their woman. Had my cousin, his girlfriend and a few of my friends over for a cookout once, and he was cracking sexual jokes about her in front of us. She was trying to go along with it, but I could tell she was getting REALLY uncomfortable. Pulled my cousin aside eventually told him to stop. My cousin was trying to make the effort to get past the fuck boy phase with having sex with hundreds of women, and snag himself a real girlfriend finally. He told me that night he had a sit down and apologized to her and promised to never do it again. Next time I saw them, he was totally different and she looked much happier.