you’re a dangerous person if you go through things alone and come back better…

you’re a dangerous person if you go through things alone and come back better…

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  1. "living life on purpose, not by accident." this one strikes a big chord with me. I've always felt I'm a responsible person, but I've recently realized I haven't been applying that responsibility towards guiding my life.

  2. Comings from someone who was a zombie all his life and now after 31 years I've found true happiness.. My advise to finding yourself is to always follow your intuition, always march forward to achieve whatever little goals that appeals to you.. Good/bad.. Then the next goals will present themselves, chase them, chase your anxieties.. Be willing to go to all the places(metaphor) and maybe if you've struggled hard enough, maybe just maybe, you'll find the key to everlasting ecstacy which stems from true freedom. So march on comrades… Your destiny awaits.. Dont betray it.

  3. These videos are excellent and produced very well…..!!!!!!

    It would be additionally helpful if each speaker and topic were listed as a further reference for study…..!!!!!!!

  4. Motivation helps you wake up in the morning. Discipline is what gets you to work 30 minutes early. Commitment keeps you there until the task is done.. Right. Faith in Jesus keeps you loyal to that co. Until it is time to leave. Mercy, means you leave that co. Without causing a sceene.

  5. This video resonated with me but can someone help me with this… Doesn’t “I live every single day of my life trying to get to an endpoint.” go against the idea that the meaning of life is in the present moment? Isn’t it a common idea in Buddhism that trying to get to some “endpoint” in life is futile?

  6. I watched this video with my pet fish… He's now a f**king shark. This video really got me pumped.

    I love motivational videos that actually give you a great message. That's why I started making my own. I touch on different subjects, from saving money to how to deal with negative parents. I'd appreciate it if you checked them out. Looking for some new subscribers 🔥🔥🔥 Have a fantastic week!

  7. I had to know why I was returned from 'death' so I did a SPIURITUAL MEDITATION. – THC reconnects the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM that RESTORES BRAIN INJURIES.

    Thank you LORD for showing me in MEDITATION how to heal.

    I am BLACK ELKS great great great grandson.

    I was 'returned' to help ADVANCE HUMANITY.

    I wish to share my story in the hopes of helping others.

    On 08-30-2008 I wrecked my HARLEY with no 'brain bucket' on doing 120 mph. It rolled crushing chest puncturing lungs. Yes my ❤ stopped 3 times being shocked back. I was in a 87 day coma for my efforts. Waking with a 5.5 brain injury. I was told because I had THC in my blood it saved my brain from lack of oxygen. CANNABIS is restoring my 5.5 TBI.

    ~ ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM ~ look it up ~

    Please 'strike-down' these terrorists at router CenturyLink4347.

  8. Discipline as also commitment make us motivated in life!!so we keep moving,going forward,be present in the present moment with an open mind too!!so we overcome obstacles ,in life!!the more we can handle,the stronger we become!!