Your Story Has Value, Invest In Yourself

Your Story Has Value, Invest In Yourself

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  1. I am sure most of you cheering this hater of her own people on are white. This woman would sell her soul to be white. Why would self respecting black people listen to this clown. How do you not see she does all this for attention and because you give her a stage for her ignorant ideology?

  2. I started listening to and watching your videos everyday when my Mom died last year. Your story gives me hope for my future. I was adopted, just like you!? You’re changing my life. I finally built up the courage to share this today. Thank you❤

  3. Les, I have to tell you this story. I am in Columbus and I vividly remember your time in Columbus. I listened to WVKO. You always kept listeners up to date on issues affecting the Community, much to the chagrin of the management there. I remember, "Les Brown, The Man About Town"! I was listening the last day you were on WVKO. I was on my way to Eastmoor ('74). So it was either '73 or '74 because I remember what car I was in. You had been telling listeners that management kept telling you to "just jam!" and stop talking about issues. That final day on WVKO – I was listening when you said that management had told you again, "Just Jam!" and you said "You all know me, I have to keep you all informed on issues that affect us, also!" You said, "I can hear them coming down the hall now so I probably will be off the air." And that was it! You then, a few years later, became our State Representative. We supported you during that time. Here you are, 50 years later, still active, still teaching, still positive!! I remember!