Your Path to Greatness

Your Path to Greatness

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DARE TO BE GREAT! Join the Hero’s Journey at

Are you committed to greatness? Declare in the comments your commitment by writing #IAMAHERO if you have stepped up and joined THE HERO’S JOURNEY!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. wow ? thanks Darren
    i love to join and be part of the journey
    but politics between countries banned us to transfer any money or receive it
    if i could some how transfer the money, every dollar worth like 35 dollar in here (IRAN) ?‍♂️?‍♂️
    so yeah some much money and i don't have it
    but i read all your books every day and watch all of your videos
    you helped me a lot ??
    i wish the best for you and your lovely team ???

  2. Dear Darren
    You are the an international instructor and motivator
    For those who do no live in USA taking “ hero’s journey “ is impossible.
    So please please please
    STOP with commercials
    I don’t wanna start my day with commercial
    These videos could be timeless if you do not restrict them with your short term goals
    If I want I do ( I will ask for hero’s journey)
    In my opinion it’s not necessary to emphasize on it in every precious video
    We love you and we admire you wholeheartedly And you are ruining the lessons by ads
    With Warm Wishes
    From those who can not take the journey