“Your Behaviour Won’t Be The Same” | Dr. Andrew Huberman (Stanford Neuroscientist)

“Your Behaviour Won’t Be The Same” | Dr. Andrew Huberman (Stanford Neuroscientist)

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This Stanford Neuroscientist Blow My Mind!!!
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Full interview: https://youtu.be/OGa_jt3IncY


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Andrew Huberman
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  1. The physical technique of EMDR was plagiarized by Shapiro from the works of Castaneda.
    In his books, ( which were a hodge-podge of plagiarisms in their own right) Castaneda describes the practice of "recapitulation" in great detail.
    The EMDR component is just one element to a broader, more effective therapy.

  2. This guy can talk theory, which is important, but you also need the perspective of somebody that did it, like Bruce Lee. Read his article in black belt magazine

  3. A friend of mine tried this for his severe angsiety and depression; he had a peculiar turn a couple of hours later, tried to take his own life , was hospitalised and is now on the most hideous cocktail of psych drugs he is incapable of conversation. That was 3 years ago so be careful.

  4. Wow…. Simple yet effective. I’ve naturally been doing this very movement with my eyes when in certain situations of confrontation or debate etc. interestingly it can be applied in other situations 👀 🥰

  5. EMDR trauma therapist here hoping that one day in the future you can explain why the flash technique (blinking rather than lateral eye movement) is so much more effective at reducing the emotional charge of memories than even the bilateral stimulation! It’s a new technique, I know it’s based on neuroscience but I don’t understand the exact science of why the blinking works!! Keep up the fantastic work spreading awareness.

  6. I remember being 10 years old, my neighbours had a fire in their kitchen right at midnight. Everyone was woken up in the street and I had terrible nightmares for a few months. Did EMDR and after a few weeks I don't have any negative associations with it anymore. Was very skeptical even during it but it seriously works

  7. I don't understand. When I feel like my heart is gonna blow out of my chest, because I just got 5 alerts about down systems, I should start aggressively looking left and right?

  8. I invite people to look at WHOs guide based on acceptance and commitment therapy. This is what happens in the brain when we do activities such as grounding exercises contained in that self help guide. (Besides it has been tested in refugee camps with evidence of being helpful for people)