You Will Never Look At Life The Same | Jordan Peterson

You Will Never Look At Life The Same | Jordan Peterson

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Ready to start 2020 right? Listen to this INCREDIBLE motivational speech by Jordan Peterson. Trust us, You Will Never Look At Life The Same!

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  1. Don't ask yourself how to be a better person; ask yourself how to be more conscious person. Without a certain level of consciousness all your dreams, plans and projects will eventually turn out a disaster. It's just a matter of time.

  2. Wow no I'm really broken and I didn't ask to be abused when I was 4 yrs old ……….. How do I get passed that and no I'm not a victim trying hard to be a survivor 😂…………..

  3. Hello a beautiful soul
    Where can I find the link of the quote where he says: Can you imagine yourself in 10 years if instead of avoiding the things you KNOW you should do, you actually did them every single day, THAT’S POWERFUL

  4. I have what I want. I worked really hard most of my life, but I am retired now and still relatively young. Now I actually have time to do the things that I want to, and lately that has been hanging out at the lake and watching Jordan Peterson videos.

  5. Every choice I’ve ever made has been shadowed by my crippling fear of my own mortality or the mortality of those I love… my goal, the one thing I want in life, is to make peace with death 💙

  6. Higher level of conscience compassion and righteousness this is a world speaker who needs to be heard by all ! Conscience ( god ) answers him when he questions totally plausable concidering we see light spectrum 99% we dont see its there possibly conscience is a huge part of it 🤔 alongside inter dimensional entities or beings .

  7. When we hear what he says, it seems obviously true, but we hadn't thought about before in such a clear way, or if we had thought about it, we forgot about it, while we just got on with living.

  8. "You should be concerned about whats interfering with your own vision first. And you should leave other people the hell alone in relationship to that."

  9. What happens when you did all ,had your day.and made the wrong choice ,can you start all that hard work over. Or should you just give up ! Thats were i am ,i am over 50

  10. Remember that the word "ask" cab be interchangeable with "demand". You can say I asked for dinner, or I demanded it. A demand isn't always arrogant or cruel, but it is forceful and final. If you demand an outcome for yourself, there is no wiggle room for maybe.

    It also turns "ask and you shall recieve" to "demand and you shall receive". And that is a lot more believable

  11. I dont even have any troubles in my life but i tortured myself just for little hiccups, for the first time i feel like i will definitely fail in college (at the very end of the course) and cant do anything about it but he is keeping me trying to still work it out

  12. I try to listen to 2 videos everyday, this 1 has hit home 🏡 harder than usually 😅, but it helped me out when I decided to take action and find out what was happening with my divorce.

  13. Thank you Jordan Peterson you saved my life from a miserable bleek existence. My journey started when I found you on youtube. Today, so many things are moving in the right direction and the momentum seems to build! I am responsible for my health and I own every variable that impacts it! You are reaching so many people. One person changes everything changes within the systems they are a part of. Thank you for eternity. I feel empowered, I have goals, I no longer feel pressure about having a perfect life. I want to be the strongest person at my parents funeral. I want to look into the abyss and come out the other side with my darkness incorporated into my light. Everything you say makes sense with the world, and you articulate it so well from such a knowledgeable place. On behalf of the human species, thank you. You deserve a nobel prize ❤️‍🩹❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽👏🏽

  14. If you listen to this guy's politics, he is completely unstable and has an incredibly difficult time providing logical facts, evidence, and well thought out reasoning for his beliefs.

    He almost seems like a Christian scientist who wants to be a social media influencer, but in reality, he's just seen as a joke who's only taken serious by right wingers (who are known for their reasoning and principled scientific beliefs, right?!) LOL… JK.

    Majority of his fans believe in "faith" AKA, throw logic out the door if your evidence doesn't match my beliefs based on man-made story books written by people who thought the earth was flat thousands of years ago.

    If a supposed intellectual is largely only admired by a large audience of people who believe in story books about talking snakes and making magic out of fish and water, how on Earth could you look to this man for real critical thinking and philosophy?

    If you are on the fence about religion, left wingers, right wingers, or aren't that educated in many of the topics he tries to discuss… please do yourself a favor and don't believe the hype.

    There are so many good explainer videos on YouTube showcasing his intellectual fraud showing his scam as a psychological self help personality.

    Do your own critical thinking and research before giving another minute of clout to this crap.

  15. I need this video more than ever. I recently lost my job of 13 years after being medically terminated due to an assault outside of work resulting in me losing sight in my left eye. My employer therefore decided I was not able to perform my duties safely ( there is a minimum standard for peripheral vision). As such I have been feeling sorry for myself and not putting enough effort into finding a new job, something that is not acceptable given I have 5 kids to support.

  16. One thing that’s always interested me is what about people in North Korea? I love Jordan’s Peterson wisdom and advice. I try to act that out every day. But what about people in North Korea or other areas of the world who, one, can’t even hear this message and two even if they could, physically wouldn’t be allowed to act this out? Are they on earth just to suffer? That’s always bothered me. Why don’t we all have the ability to aim for the highest good.