you will be surprised real soon at how everything suddenly & miraculously worked in your favour…

you will be surprised real soon at how everything suddenly & miraculously worked in your favour…

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  1. We all want something…. I mean really want. And lots of times we give up because of others around us. Or we fail once or do it different ,then we hesitate.
    The one time we stand firm and accomplish something on our own – – it starts us in a new direction, on a new path. To those dreams, and what we love. There's probably never been a single human being that didn't start out with a dream in fear. Fear is like the dark….it doesn't last forever.
    Keep going.,,,do this! Do your want!!! Blessings my friends

  2. I am 67 years old. Until 5 years ago I struggled with money, money management, debt. It all seemed like a constant chaos. Then..I learned this fact:
    Goal, action and deadline will get the job done. My chaos was erased and became a hobby for me. The debt is gone. The money is a positive thing for me..not a nightmare. I'm ready to retire….but will keep doing the things that fascinate me..
    Trading stocks and riding my motorcycle to the beach.
    Watch these videos. They inspire, guide,
    help you focus on reality rather than false fears. You'll be amazed at what you really can become. I wish I'd learned this 45 years ago. Best of luck to you all
    Now, get off you ass and get it done.
    You must…or you'll waste then next half century of your life.

  3. The universe itself works in such a way as it is a mirror of yourself. One of the most important and valuable lessons in the universe is that you get what you put in, and that goes with everything, results always show, so what you get from your efforts is what you have given from your efforts.

  4. Video is very good and more but sorry but sincere from me. why I continued when it was hardest just because I was pussy I was afraid I would die just to survive there is nothing honorable and well sad about what kind of man I can be. it is my truth nothing honorable and good. I wonder what kind of man I could be.

  5. Life changer habits you need to learn
    ➡1.Practice Gratitude.
    ➡2.Write something
    ➡3.Invest in self-care.
    ➡4.Create a morning ritual
    ➡5.Make time for exercise.
    Have a great day,🧡🙏

  6. Be persistent in building the foundation that will support your success… keep in mind that most of us have the talent to succeed in life, but not many are willing to take the time and effort to succeed, because it involves commitment, discipline, persistence, sacrifice, and work.