“You have no idea why you chose that pair of jeans” | Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

“You have no idea why you chose that pair of jeans” | Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

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  1. We allow our selves to be manipulated. To empty our wallets .when basic clothes.like a nice skirt slacks, and a nice tops can go along way basic clothing never goes away. Because you are just going to clean out trendy stuff. And throw it away. There goes all your hard earned money 💰 🕊💖

  2. the reasons why I also buy a little expensive (compare to this very expensive designer or whatsoever) clothes are because they last longer than the cheaper ones and I don't have time for thrift shopping 😅

  3. I'm NOT a stylish person, i'm a not influenced their styles, i'm a simlple person without stylish wears like rubber shoes, fitted jeans, slim fit shirts, and haircut styles. This video are most eye opening for the stylish persons. Be Simple, NOT To be a famous person, There's insecured.

  4. With every breath, the old moment is lost; a new moment arrives. manifestation.guide We exhale and we let go of the old moment. It is lost to us. In doing so, we let go of the person we used to be. We inhale and breathe in the moment that is becoming. In doing so, we welcome the person we are becoming. We repeat the process. This is meditation. This is renewal. This is life.