You have 14 generations of memories within your DNA 😯

You have 14 generations of memories within your DNA 😯

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ACTIVATE YOUR DNA’s Full Potential 432Hz and 528Hz
►Special thanks to Billy Carson for providing this valuable content.
Billy Carson is the founder and CEO of 4biddenKnowledge Inc and the two-time best-selling author of The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets and Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke. Carson is also the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge TV, a new streaming TV network.
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  1. One of the non functional genes we have is responsible for us having the ability to create our own vitamin C. If that was functional we could heal ourselves of most diseases even cancer.

    The story of Noah and the flood was taken from sumerian text.

  2. Speaking of slavery the middle east had slavery long before and for another hundred yrs after white people the only reason there isn't slavery now is because European countries and then the United States 🤔 so.. why does everyone attack white people about slavery we stopped it you are welcome my sixth cousin abolished slavery at this point the only ones keeping racism going is those on the hard left and minorities aren't victims of it either…. life matters…

  3. I've read The Twelfth Planet and I'm sure Sitchin claimed to translate some words differently than they had been previously. These alternative translation were fundamental to his argument. I'm not trying to undermine what is being said in this video as a whole but it makes me more sceptical about the integrity of the research.

  4. Thank you for the video. Finally the quantum entanglement devices I have bought it explain why after I come tuning the frequency,I can have the feeling of confidence,i can vibrate it without innertalk too long. Not only that , when I key in the goal I want, the affirmations can directly come into my life. I'm in the mist of learning to understand and utilize the usage of the devices. Your explanation enlightenment me

  5. You can be as awake as you think you are but you’ll never be truly red pilled until you find Jesus. Where do you think our moral foundations come from? Why do you think they want to remove them?

  6. The human body is the most advanced piece of technology in the universe forget AI long ago lay neath the stars on long buried and Atlantis I dreamt of things far beyond infinite earth man ♂️

  7. Also those master numbers lightworkers that are here will actually ascend into 7dand 8d dimensions while here, while most will ascend 5d only, Giaii Mother Earth is key.

  8. Thank you very much our lovely brother's!!! Our families is like Lazarus only but put those on their table to eat on it's not throw crumbs on the floor to eat but if like to sit on the table with a chair can because have chairs to sit on and eat on the table okay!!! We love you forever because OUR HEAVENLY FATHER'S LOVES YOU THE FIRST that's why our children's sssssss have you born with them to love care and protect you, even discipline them but they love them not to do no good they see why different from their other babiesss okay! You might want to destroy us but that's okay your pain is our pain too. Please forgives us and thank you very much okay!!!

  9. Operate with love only all of out there,
    Give love to all of God's creation – manifest your dreams and other people who vibe at the love freq.

    A once little boy , youngest of six who grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland – now lead singer of " Three Threads" a rock band in Tokyo Japan

    New album name-
    Turn you DNA back on and show others by your walk with truth and God