You can grow new brain cells. Here's how | Sandrine Thuret

You can grow new brain cells. Here's how | Sandrine Thuret

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  1. why's that ground breaking news now? lol? it's not like people are going to become retards in later age. Unless we over drank ourselves to death with alcohol or take weed and other drugs that burns up the brain cells and nervous system

  2. The thing is most jobs is getting more complicated and when we don't catch up we tend to feel depressed. I'm working in software development and my life is getting more and more stressful. ?

  3. Amazing! Thanks for the research. It is refreshing to hear this. No drugs needed! Common sense eating, a little exercise and learning something new maybe the key.

  4. Very exciting. It means there is hope for those inflicted with MAGA brain. Currently there is no cure for MAGA brain once it progresses to a certain stage. The victim becomes immune to facts and evidence. They become delusional and have violent outbursts. Eventually, they spiral into depravity and many will commit criminal acts and will be LOCKED UP.

  5. Yeah yeah, we get it. Humans have the knowledge and power to become better biologically, but also the stupidity to enslave its entire specie under a system that will destroy them, dna and all.


  6. What about dance 😀
    That must be the best <3
    This is really great, as someone who suffered with lots of really horrible migraine attacks I was worried that I have lost some of my brain power, and this really puts me more at ease. I'm controlling migraine by eating healthy and exercising, I do not run but I am dance classes fitness instructor, so combining learning and focus with joy of music and movement and it's cardio as well.

  7. In 2007, a work-related C-spine injury left me with neuropathy in my right hand. Surgery on the neck was successful in fixing/stabilizing the neck injury yet the neuropathy persisted. In 2013, I had a left wrist injury that resulted in neuropathy there. This time the neurologist had a relatively new treatment/prescription medicine, Metanx. It is a combination of 3 B vitamins in specific forms, at specific dosages, in a specific ratio. It was approved to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which I am not a diabetic, but I was using it off label to heal nerves through regrowing them. I had always taken a Multi Vitamin/Mineral plus extra B Complex. After six weeks, my left hand neuropathy was completely gone/healed. two weeks later, my right hand's neuropathy was also healed/gone. One month later, I discontinued the Metanx although still taking a MVM + B. Today, ten years later and neither neuropathy returned.
    A study was done on using Metanx, its generic and a placebo on neuropathy. Neither the placebo nor the generic showed any improvement on neuropathy, but the brand was quite successful. Several patients in the study who had neuropathy associated with a CVA had their neuropathy disappear and their stroke related damage/disabilities improve or heal completely. Another study showed excellent results combining Metanx with Lion's Mane (not sure if it was extract or whole herb).
    In the past, if a nerve was severed it was considered unrepairable. Eventually, using a splicing method similar to plant grafting became the normal repair procedure. Hand, facial and plastic surgeons started using Metanx in addition to the surgical repair with spectacular results.
    Note that I have zero financial stake in Metanx including employment or stock in it or its parent company.
    Metanx is a prescription medicine.
    My injuries were work related, in an ER where I worked for 30+ years.
    I hope this information helps others.