“YOU ARE THE PLACEBO!” | The Most Eye-Opening Video That Will Leave You Speechless – Joe Dispenza

“YOU ARE THE PLACEBO!” | The Most Eye-Opening Video That Will Leave You Speechless – Joe Dispenza

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  1. “Because consciousness is awareness, awareness is paying attention, and paying attention is being present and noticing, this consciousness would be aware of when I was present and when I wasn’t. I would have to be totally present when I interacted with this mind; my presence would have to match its presence, my will would have to match its will, and my mind would have to match its mind.”
    ― Joe Dispenza, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter


    Both for manifesting a healing ✨️ or outer world changes – the formula remains the same.

    So for those that don't know this meditation is called you are the placebo meditation.

    In a nutshell to summarise his books method.

    When we go into trance and deep meditation ?‍♂️ we lower our brain wave states.

    We now have access to the hard drive of the computer .

    Basically like running Mdos or whatever it's called. That black screen where you can type just one line at a time and format the computer ?

    Simply choose whatever end result you want and imprint into your mind. Try and see the 3d model as best in your mind as if its happened.

    Then you must emotionalise with it so that the body believes it is in the experience.

    Then what happens next is crazy ?. As long as you continue to do this repeatedly and patiently you end up triggering the autonomic or automatic nervous system which then goes and does or expresses itself as you have imprinted into the Ms Dos program. The computer is now formatted and the body will now reflect that new program installed.

    You DO NOT , have to figure out how the cancer will disappear or how your spine will fix itself or how your……… fill in the blank will occur. The autonomic system will just do it .

    You become the placebo effect of yourself by believing you are allready healed.

    Even in the book he says it can't be explained exactly how . Just that the process works. The theory is the body recruits stem cells to heal injuries that normally can't heal or would take a very long time. Or the immune system sends in its SEAL team 6, special forces and wipes out the tumours even if its metastasised all over the body. It just works! You are creator ! You are God of your own universe and that includes your inner ?

    You are what you believe and a belief is a thought you keep thinking ? so when you believe you are healed ahead of the actual event . The body then catches up.

    You need three ingredients for this to work properly

    1. Must be in a medium to deep meditative state to be able to communicate with the subconscious and autonomic nervous system

    2. A clear intention- what is the end goal? A Healed leg, you running around playing sports again? You must be laser like clear on the end goal.

    3. The most important ingredient. The emotion

    Marry the picture of the end goal with the emotion in real time as if its just happened

    Let's add neville Goddard to this equation.

    Dr Joe's formula ( actually the only formula you need to manifest anything in your body or your life ( the quantum energy illusion)
    Is a clear intention and an elevated emotion.
    Its fancy terminology for visualisation but the intention is the magnetic charge and the emotion is the electrical component so you create an electromagnetic charge ( because your vibrational also and you emitt frequency and information also) and it boomerangs ? back into your life.

    Back to Goddard. Neville Goddard says assume the wish fulfilled. BE DO or HAVE it in the vision.

    You gotta FEEl like it's real time. Your mind can't know the difference. This takes practice but believe me works for manifesting anything
    I've used it to manifest casual sex. Money, job opportunities , you name it the formula works across the board for anything. I even manifested an acting gig with it. The same goes for healing the body. The FEELING creates the HEALING.

    Now seriously, imagine I just zapped your leg and it's Healed after having been broken for lets say a year. Or I zapped your lungs and the cancers gone . Legit gone.
    All the grief, all the pain gone. You have your life back again.
    How does it feel ?

    I know I'm blabbing on but this is what you must capture in the meditation. Failure to do so will net you jack shit and you will proclaim what a bunch of shit. Or doesn't work for me.

    There should be a feeling of elation and joy. Gratitude. Like you wanna cry and scream woohooooo. Thank you dear God. Feel it mother fucker. You gotta feel that shit deep and marinate in that feeling . The emotion has to be real as if its real and you gotta feel the realness of it in real time. That's why going into trance is so important for this ( step 1) because it allows you to go into the construct in the matrix. The loading program. Where the architect who made the matrix lives.

    So when dr joe says what do you want to believe. You gotta believe ( feel ) something else.

    4. Not part of the process steps but there's one more step. The hardest one

    You gotta get up as healed .you can't get up and wonder if anything has happened. Look at your broken leg and cry or feel sadness. You have to try and maintain that state of healing all day !

    No easy feat. Its why most will fail in this work.

    Best advice do the daily meditation as if you haven't got shit to lose ( you don't)

    And then just ( ignore) the current issue

    Don't discuss with the docs ( unless needed) . Don't play the victim. Don't talk about it with your friends or family
    Do the work. Treat your body as a science experiment .
    Carry on even when there's zero evidence of change.

    Don't expect to do it for a month and boom vamanos , your healed or what you want will manifest. It can ! Don't get me wrong I healed an IBS diagnosis the same day the doctor diagnosed it. I literally said " fuck that" after the doctor told me it was for life .
    I went and worked on my sacral chakra ( the one below the belly) fed it energy and changed its frequency to wholeness and order. And guess what matter responded . The body responded because underneath all matter is energy, which is all frequency so I changed the feeling or energy in the area which recoded the frequency and then ? my bowels and tummy fixed the next day I woke up- true story and I used dr joes other meditation called the blessing of the energy centres for that healing ( look it up on you tube).

    My other healing was suicidal level of nerve pain behind My ?. Both of them affected after I had long covid when the pandemic first hit.
    I cried about 6 times a day. Snot running down my nose. Agony I mean Agony. I stuck accupuncture needles ? into My own head in an attempt to heal. Codeine didn't do shit.
    MRI scan showed nothing. Doctors didn't have a clue.

    After 11 months of suffering I finally decided to go the energy route.

    It took me 2 weeks until the improvements came. 1 month both healed even though I didn't even know or understand what was wrong I fed the painful areas energy and frequency. It works ?. I swear it does

    Like I said most people will either lack the discipline. Or disbelieve in the process.

    90 percent of people in this work will fail for those two reasons. Those stubborn ass mofos who refuse to quit with this process

    There's what medicine ? calls a miracle on the other side of your so called ( incurable condition)

    Bur you gotta believe and be relentless like the terminator with it.

    I highly suggest you buy and read you are the placebo because the science is explained in the book and once you believe and understand the theory your half way there.

    Good luck ? ? ✨️ ? ? ?

  3. I'm in the process of taking control of my thoughts. All these years i was the problem but i was using excuses (subconsciously) so i can explain my situation BUT this stops right here right now.

  4. So we see people in the process of change that are analyzing in duality or polarity that kind of drives the brain into higher states of arousal and further away from true change. So we’ve done thousands of brain scans and now know that there’s a formula to create greater brain coherence and greater efficiency, to make your brain work better and when your brain works better, you work better. At the same time it requires a clear intention and elevated emotion to begin to change your energy and to change your life and nobody changes until they change their energy.

  5. In the last ten years we have assembled a scientific team. And let’s see if you can make really significant brain changes. I don’t want those changes to just be in your mind. I want them to be in your brain. I want to be able to see before and after pictures to say that person has a significant change after a traumatic brain injury, or anxiety or depression or a cyclic mood disorder, or a stroke. We want to see that there’s been significant change. At the same time, let’s measure your brain in real time, and let’s look to see what that transformation process looks like. We gained so much knowledge of what that transformational process looks like. I can tell you without a doubt that if you’re analyzing your life right now within some disturbing emotion that 100% of the time you’re going to make your brain worse. If you’re stuck in an emotion and you’re thinking within that emotional state, in other words you can’t think greater than how you feel. That means then you are thinking in the past because those emotions are a residue of the past.

  6. I’m starting to realize how conditioned we are into believing how limited we are. And as you start peeling those layers away, and you break through those beliefs, those self-limiting thoughts and emotions, on the other side of that is where the miraculous happens. I think this is the time in history where it’s not enough to know, and because of technology we have access to so much content, and information creates awareness, and awareness is consciousness, and in the age of information, ignorance is a choice. There’s an energetic change I think that’s taking place in the world right now that people are so informed that old models, old paradigms, are beginning to break down, whether it’s the medical model, or it’s the religious model, the education model, journalism, the economy, politics, it’s all beginning to come to the surface because something else has to come out. Ten years ago information was the thing that stimulated thought, stimulated new ideas, and as we learn new things we make new connections in our brains, so as we begin to add new stitches into that three-dimensional tapestry in our mind, we’re beginning to cause our mind to function in new ways. But the key, then, is to apply it. You’ve just got to understand the formula, and just like any skill or anything you learn, you’ve got to go from thinking to doing to being. You’ve got to take knowledge, create the experience, and if you keep doing it over and over again, you start getting a skill or you start getting wise about how to do it. You know that you know how to do it.

  7. also, the loud unconnected music is distracting, not helpful. its a poor choice. makes one compete for the information and then dilutes the message. so many people are doing this to important messages. dont know why you find it acceptable. it is not

  8. the video you have added is awful a buch of random un connected images of random people is distracting as hell. just awful to listen i must scroll the screen out of view. consider how you like to receive information. this is not the best way!!!!!

  9. The overwhelming availability of information has also created defeatist attitudes. What do I see?

    A doctor that my sister visited was extremely positive with the treatment she accepted. Within only 3 months, my sisters tumor reduced by 10%. The following 3 months, another 40%.

    My sister joined a FB Support group with other patients on the same treatment, she read stories that motivated her to skower the internet for information about this treatment (for whatever reason) and came across stories about failures of the treatment and negative side affects that patients experienced at the one year mark. When i reminded her of success, she responded negatively with words of defeat…

    Her attitude turned negative. She acquired a defeatest attitude and every time I pointed out her great mile stones of success her response is "Cancer can't be healed; it will always be in my blood."

    Result? Her tumor stopped shrinking and at one year, her side affects became serious so they stopped treatment.

    Coincidence? Nope. She thought herself into this situation.

  10. So if im correct, and please correct me if im wrong, your thoughts influence your emotions and your emotions influence the composition of your genes by sending them signals. So if you constantly think that you have, for example, cancer, you send your genes a signal that you have cancer. In this way, your genes start to make/increase the quantity of cancer cells in your genes/dna (even if you dont have cancer cells) and actually creates cancer cells on its own by thinking you have cancer?
    Or did I get the idea wrong?

  11. I’m so greateful I’ve found this video ???’ I’m dam near tears but can’t express the external release because I’m at work ?’ this is so true! I’ve been on the verge of feeling completely abundant REGARDLESS! Even though I’ve just paid my rent’ phone’ con Ed and barely have enough food to get me through to next pay day! IM GREATEFUL AND ABUNDANT! My lord and savior knows my struggle and will never leave me! I feel a joy that I can’t explain inside! Though I have a little over 5.00 to get some chicken with! IM ABUNDANT! We must REMAIN THANKFUL, in SPITE OF BECAUSE REMEMBER’ theirs always someone worse ????