You Are the Consciousness of the Universe | Eckhart Tolle 20 Minute Meditation

You Are the Consciousness of the Universe | Eckhart Tolle 20 Minute Meditation

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In this 20 minute meditation, Eckhart talks about stepping out of thought, why we are the consciousness of the universe and …

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  1. Eckhart I been practicing being presence for 4 yrs now have meditated and practice being presence at work and every where I go. Recently had a Kundalini awakening is this normal

  2. hi. lets call the gaps peace , peace of mind . peace and quiet. change your pattern of thoughting to change your life. Gratitude the word, Gratefull. I will share your talk to the universal conscious.

  3. I feel the stillness all the time more when around trees and nature one with the universe we are one amazing video many won't understand

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  5. Why would an all knowing creator, want to put humans on earth and make them suffer and keep it a secret that their whole purpose in life is to know who I Am? I feel that what you teach is right, at my core, but to stay present and connected to who I Am, and take away the thinking, is very difficult????

  6. Eckhart, on Monday morning I did some breathing exercises before driving to work. I listened to your opening monologue in "power of now" as I drove. I was distressed and depressed and I find the story you tell something I can relate to.

    Suddenly I had a build up of energy that seem to rise, making me shake as it rose. It built to something that became very strong. I tried to submit but I think my mind interfered and it subsided.

    I was shocked but it came again, a little lesser, building again until I think my mind shut down again. It happened for a third time but this was lesser still.

    I was suddenly overwhelmed with a strange joy and content sadness, laughing involuntarily whilst crying, unable to stop. It was an amazing feeling that was a mixture of emotions. I probably laughed and cried for around 5 to 10 minute's.

    Is this the "enlightenment" experience? If so, I've not been able to replicate it and I'm sad I could not follow it through, although I was driving ?

  7. Thank you, dear Professor Eckart. I'm learning a lot from you. I hope that the Universe will give me the possibility to meet you personally one day?. A big hug to your sweet wife.?

  8. I really like this meditation and have played it a few times since it was published. I
    note that the uncertainties of life have been alluded to. Life brings challenges. ET has
    mentioned this before and it's an important lesson. However, it's hard to see everyone as
    equal in terms of their difficulties. Some are disabled. Surely their lives are more
    challenging than the lives of the able-bodied? And many people worry about money. Not everyone has to worry about money.

  9. Modern research on Near Death Experience by Raymond moody, reincarnation memories by Ian Stevenson/Jim trucker and past lives regression by Brian Weiss all independently but coincidentally show that our consciousness survive death, we live many lives and our thoughts and actions matter in the hereafter.

    So be kind and helpful to others, be virtuous, meditate and cultivate ourselves to higher spiritual levels. Cheers.

  10. Years ago I made a visit to Oxwich Bay, South Wales, it was the middle of Winter. When I arrived there, it was completely void of any people. I sat on the rocks in the Bay and just watched the waves rolling in and ebbing away. I remember thinking that this is what it must have been like at the beginning of time. All my anxieties and worries ebbed away with the waves that were rolling in and out. The most wonderful peace enveloped my whole being. It is something that I will always remember. Peace be with you also.

  11. -el pensamiento es maravilloso
    -pero si haces del pensamiento tu identidad el pensamiento se convierte en tu prision.
    -es como si el pensamiento te poseyera.
    -tu no piensas, el pensamiento te sucede a ti
    – mientras habla observa el silencio entre las palabras.
    -Cuando notas el espacio de silencio no estas pensando
    Y eso es meditación
    -observa las dos dimensiones palabras y espacio de silencio o quietud.
    -nota esos espacios eso es meditación
    -nota espacios de silencio en ti, entre dos pensamientos
    -asi entras a la dimensión más profunda de conciencia
    -y cuando notas espacio entre dos pensamientos ese espacio se hará más grande
    -el espacio entre dos pensamientos es quietud
    -el universo es conciente a través de ti
    -tu eres punto focal de la conciencia del universo.
    -la conciencia no depende de ganar o perder, es la dimensión trascendente
    -algo que está más allá de las polaridades
    No tiene que ver con la persona, trasciende la persona
    -si estás atrapado en el continuo pensar estas no atento a esa dimensión trascendental
    -la gente esta llena de juicios, interpretaciones de otras personas.