WOW! This will BLOW Your Mind 🤯 (the Magic Psychic Training)

WOW! This will BLOW Your Mind 🤯 (the Magic Psychic Training)

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  1. Start the day by finding falte with yourself. Abused is a fault of our own as is the blues…I'm all for seeing the part we play in things but only to change and use new healthy ways of living life. Maybe its just the words used in explaining your diary, without which i will not raise my vibration or raise my conchiousness in life. I'm sorry but honesty and self-loathing aren't the same thing.

  2. This is a manuel to get a fix for the ignorant. Don’t take it bad I was there and I broke the chain. Is complete ignorance and then the door opens and every action you want it actually happens vs letting life take you

  3. I master this and now I push my limit. I’m trying to break $350/hr value of work. Anything alse I leverage to my social group. It’s so potent and anything you want falls in place like a puzzle

  4. before the internet….if I learned something or wanted to share a message… I would go to the ocean to cleanse, rejuvenate, & heal my body, mind, & spirit as well as my energy meridians, aura, chakras, all subtle bodies. I release all that is not positive or beneficial to me. Dissolve negative thoughtform, debilitating beliefs, negative-dark-stagnant energies, entities, attachments I BIND, rebuke, & cast them out& send them back to source to be recycled into positive energy. I would say dear water I've come to exchange information with you. I download all that I've learned, experienced, & felt….in exchange for all your knowledge. I would like this message or data to be shared with every molecule, person, animal, plant, crystal, etc that comes into contact with you throughout eternity and in all dimensions. amen so it is

  5. I'm not an expert this whole video is breaking emotions thoughts and memories into fragments to use to brainwashing the subjects in a MKUltra way

  6. With all due respect, this was not so much great advice for me in fact this was so negative I stopped after few mins. in fact it comes with a big warning that "Most minds can't handle this". I don't think it's the greatest idea for me to sit down and meditate and think about my faults, shortcomings, mistakes, and all the negative emotions that will arise with it. I mediate and think about the positive energy instead and increase my vibration and brainwaves to more beautiful places. I will never start the morning thinking really hard about my shortcomings and again fill my brain with negatives which will make me sad and lower my vibration and put me down. but I wake up saying hello to the universe for a new day filled with opportunities and positive energy with a BIG SMILE and singing "MOOOORNIIING IS HEREEEEEE". I especially NEVER go to bed thinking anything other than how amazing and beautiful tomorrow is going to be instead of some not so positive stuff. I absolutely tell everyone to LOVE themselves so much before even telling I love you to someone else. Because if you can't love yourself you can never truly love another. When it comes to thinks you don't like about yourself or things you have done… Forgive yourself for everything you have ever done, what's done is done, period. You can't change the past but you can change the present right now at this moment and that's what matters. Big mistakes in life and things we regret are only there to teach us a lesson, sometimes very costly, but that's what they are. As long as you don't repeat it again, I tell you to fall in love with yourself, tell yourself loudly how amazing you are and how awesome you look, hug yourself at night so tight and feel how your own body will respond, and tell yourself tomorrow will be another beginning with a big smile. One last thing, everything you need including abilities to heal yourself mentally and physically is within you and if you focus really hard on it every single day, you will eventually unlock it.