WINNA ? (Official Lyric Video) ? Motivational SONG for WINNERS!

WINNA ? (Official Lyric Video) ? Motivational SONG for WINNERS!

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Produced for Fearless Motivation by Jones 2.0
Music Composed By Patrick Rundblad

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  1. Hmm I'm learning a new language of which my life depend on if i would be granted a full support to excel in my future career but to be honest i find that to be so difficult and frustrating for me after 2 levels of completing and fear is just eating me up on where i would be in the future if i would be able to pass this language test ?

  2. Lol they’re late listening while playing with their ding dong ring tones trying to find an invisible god gone wrong tripping over tripwires scoundrels set as assets princess die led blasted shrap mills general lees southern hurds spawned brown eyed cyclops sounding offT flavor aids kool aids aids virus musseled beaches britches lost on a world sired national urgency flowered achingly achieved ph alcoholics lick licensing pour us tubular losers felopion philopinos nosey on cc covert muzzles gulf golfers swampt zigzagging turtle beds bedrock Julia lept, frog jumping fired hoses moe joe blow weds webinarked arc alon i eyes sky shapes nine one won thy bott bowling pin sized bunn huggers grinding westside slide inns mask nascars nassa sawdust master lox jog honored jewlip founders ranked spirit of America longjohning board pigs boar rio riots watts bring Sanger singers, rip a stitch to get along wit telling pinokio Lito diet planner atkinson’s rehappening south beach reads leached sit calm Dunkin ceramics doomed me to a mummy’s crawl, out your krypts krypton to knights Columbus got chalk talk bondsman chance arkinsaw saucers end y’all, find green jeans over halled you haulers Darwin started a fight to outrun a tortoise shelled in a New Orleans lent to y’all’s, fan fair yo burning hair key moe Dannie says you guys you deliver, eat yo liver with yo onions cell membrained tap the rain drop them when the work is all done, I’ll let you know when I let you get off the job sight to slap the you know what outa your faces till blood and spittle spatters back at you, honkie got your tounge platered

  3. Not bad, but I prefer John Wooden’s concept on the difference between winning and succeeding. If you go out every single day and do the best you can, you succeeded. You then train harder in strategy and tactics to regain a win. Never give up, and you are a winner.

  4. "winner" … gra słów u państwa widnieje zaczerpnięte z języka polskiego "winna" hehehe przyjemna Melodia … dziękuję, miło się słucha, połączenie kilku stylów a do tego utrzymane w spokojnej naturze … A na dni, które właśnie trwają "wizytacji" … Natura z miłości do Człowieków … wiatrem, porywami, deszczem, chłodem … ostrzega… nie czyńcie gorszego, zgorszonego globu niźli jest … Ach.

  5. I love ur videos since 2016, it helped me in my predicament phases, but at the same times hated ur songs ur lectures and songs are opposite side of number lines 100 and -100 ( for me and as per my perspectives)

  6. I was always so skinny and everyone made fun of me , I was 180cm male with a weight of 55kgs. I had a dream to be 85kgs, I started going to the gym and I thought that this dream is impossible. Today I did it I am Fuking 85kgs after three years of hard work it paid off. I am not stopping there I have so many dreams left to accomplish but I believe that we can do anything we set our mind to do.