Why You're Wasting Your Life Away | The Truth We Are All Distracted From – Sam Harris

Why You're Wasting Your Life Away | The Truth We Are All Distracted From – Sam Harris

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The full speech by Sam Harris:

This is one of the most powerful inspirational and motivational videos I’ve edited. I really hope this opens your eyes to how short life is and can be and not to take anything for granted.

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Sam Harris

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  1. Simple since day one its love that kept us going. There is so much to see to do to love. Then you say ive seen it all. Theres a guy who got rich proving you havent seen nothing yet. Its there its everwhere. Look at it thru those young courise eyes be suprised by what you missed even forgot about what you saw before. Love.

  2. Work is the reason most people hate life. We spend almost every day at work our entire life… And somehow people just accepted it as normal. While we work, corporations stack millions of dollars, some rich people are basically playing god.

  3. I don't feel sorry for myself ever, I let other people do that for me haha. Psych other people won't feel sorry for you either in general. A few kind souls may, but feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of time, best indoor sport played by all at times.

  4. Like support ZZZZ
    War in Ukraine.
    Ok 30000 bad XP Russians soldiers died
    Dozens of thousands civilians (Mariupol) dead
    Let's ask all the madmen
    Launch all nukes-
    Short of suffering of existence.
    Let's go MAD (mutually assured destruction)
    Launch thousands of MIRV
    Game Over
    Game Over
    Game Over.

  5. This is as relevant as ever. Right now.
    This needs to run on a loop in millions of households around the world. Hackers do your best. Free the people.

  6. I absolutely hate the concept of Regret, to me living in the moment meaning never have regret.
    It's still hard for me to find a way to going my daily life without feel something is wrong, I don't have much control of it, and I don't know how much should I work hard to getting it under control.
    It's always a feeling of confusion surround me, I never know what will I lose in the next second, next day, or next year.
    I want to believe no matter how I lived my life, eventually when it comes to end, it will not matters anymore.
    But all the religions tell me the different, that every good work or every mistake matters, and I will getting punished if I don't obey their believes.
    I feel like there is no hope in a bigger scale, but in the other hand, when I focus on the current moment, all the horrible things doesn't matter too.
    Happy times and despair exists in the same time, and if there is a thing I believed is absolute good, it is to stop exist, have a real end, no more life or afterlife, no more soul, so there is no me, it's good to not be confused anymore.

  7. I wish I could give my life to someone who’s actually fighting for it, someone who’s worthy of life. Me? I’m just wasting it and letting others bully me while there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

  8. This moment doesn't exist. If memory is real and the future is real there can be no present. It's just one continuous line. That's why people waste time because time is an illusion

  9. Life itself is a waste.
    we accumulate our offsprings,material possessions,ect ect,and the endless cycle of suffering,to just inevitably depart from this earth.
    when we die,all is inevitably lost to us,and forgotten.
    lets say I was the mother of ten kids.
    or let's say I didn't have any kids at all,
    It's only perceivably relevant, to the individual,when they're alive and when they're dying.
    Fact,we die longer than we live.

  10. Ang dami nating pinagaaralan , sa sobrang talino ng tao, ayaw na natin sa basic, gusto natin kailangan ung mga ginawa natin ang solusyon, kagaya sa covid, gusti nila ginawang vaccines ang solusyon, pero mali talaga, kasi may basics ang mundo, even god saw virus as good, kaya why does it kill us now? kung nasa paligid na sila noon paman? ang sagot? junkfoods, sigarilyo, alak, drugs, polusyon, mga bagay na nagpapahina sa tao, at yan ang di nakikita ng mga tao sa taas kasi sila mismo na brainwash na kaya ng tao solusyunan lahat, sinasabi ko na, wala tayong alam! minsan lang ako magcomment, sana isipin mo nabasa mo!