Why You’re Not Truly Successful Yet: Jordan Peterson Explains

Why You’re Not Truly Successful Yet: Jordan Peterson Explains

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The Path towards Success is not an easy one. Jordan Peterson shares his wisdom on achieving success, finding your self-identity, and finding purpose in your life. This powerful motivational speech is guaranteed to start your morning on the right foot.

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  1. what makes Peterson stand out is he teaches to love yourself first unlike those redpill guys who tell you the only way forward is to hate what you are now ..

  2. Um That's Not Very Positive To Tell Some1ThatTheyAreNotTrulySuccessful~HowDoYouKnowToTellPeopleWhenYouDontEvenKnowThemOkThat'sFineYouMotivatingButJustAChoiceOfWordsAren'tAppropriateInMyOpinion~

  3. بداية النجاح .. هو الإيمان … فلا يوجد نجاح بدون إيمان ، وأول إيمان يجب على الإنسان أن يؤمن به هو الخالق .
    الذي منحك الحياة وأعطاك هذه النعم وسخر لك الكون لابد من شكره والاعتراف به .
    الله هو الخالق العظيم . الله هو الواحد القاهر القهار .
    لا أعرف كتابة اللغة الانجليزية لكن المطلوب مني في ديني دعوة الناس لعبادة الله وحده .

  4. There are certain days that are harder than others, and what you decide to do on those days are absolutely vital, one hundred percent. Days that you find it so tough but you keep on moving forward, and when things don't work right away, say to yourself that it will take a little longer now, because that's a lot better than giving up.

  5. Oh I know why im not succesful, anyone who doesnt is either in denial or too stupid to ever have had a shot anyway.
    I am why im not successful. I have always been a lazy, shortsighted, loser, and i probably always will be. I was dealt a very average hand of cards at birth, and I then proceeded to never do….anything. Anything I couldnt manage without trying was always abandoned, so I got through the lower educationsystem fine, passing grade is a passing grade, i never tried at anything, not ''i never really did my best'' I mean that I literally was in my 20's the first time I ever knowingly put in effort in something I didnt want to do in order to get something i needed. I can remember answering that very common saying with with ''why?'' with an indignant smugness that kids that age shouldnt have yet, I have heard remarks about that 20-25 years later even. It usually went something like this ''Do X'' ''I dont want to'' followed by a ''why?/but I dont care about that'' for every reason they gave for why I had or should do something, I was doing this at 7-8years old, and I would not give in at all no matter how many discussions/detentions it took, Once i reached my teens I lost that odd behavior and went the more standard road of complete teen apathy, I went to school just because it was less than 100 meters away.
    I would be very surprised if my old teachers had even a moments hope for my future when I moved on from their care, a child that fights tooth and nail to avoid every assignment and piece of homework I didnt WANT to do. It started of poorly and went about exactly as you would expect, things tend to do that.

  6. Thank you???? I am already okay and loved by God!

    Here is the good news for all -> No judgments, no condemnation, no bringing back past sins. Jesus loves you, truly and deeply cares for simply you but there are promises that are applicable to family only but you can join today! He wants a relationship with you. Jesus died for our sins on the cross, He was buried and on the third day, Jesus arose from the dead. Whoever believes that Jesus is Lord and your Personal Saviour shall be saved. It’s enough to say you’re sorry and that you need Him. Cast all your cares and burdens to Him, He is good and merciful. There is no sin that His grace is not greater. There you have it.

  7. Theres a point where JP is fantasic, insightful and motivating. Past that point, his philosophy unravels into a bizarre kind of identity foci, thats like, well… useless.