Why You Should Charm Your Leader | Darren Hardy

Why You Should Charm Your Leader | Darren Hardy

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Do you have a boss, client, customer, or leader in your life? How much attention do you pay to their emotional needs? Probably not enough as most of us are focused more on what affects us. But I’m here to tell you why caring more about your leader, and lightening their load, will pay off. https://bit.ly/323Og9r

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0:00 – Leaders are human beings too
0:42 – Being a leader today is harder than ever
1:29 – We focus on what affects us
2:03 – Empathize with your leader
2:48 – Lighten the load of your leader
3:17 – Ask your leader how they’re doing
3:44 – Why care?
4:34 – We all have bosses
5:11 – How will you lighten the load of your leader?

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