Why Winning Can’t Be Your Only Benchmark | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

Why Winning Can’t Be Your Only Benchmark | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

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What I learned from Bill Walsh in his book “The Score Takes Care of Itself,” is a great piece of wisdom that I’d like to share with you here today. True success and fulfillment come not from simply winning, but from the process and journey to get there. https://bit.ly/3kqUvuT

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0:00 – Bill Walsh’s Book “The Score Takes Care of Itself”
0:15 – Bill’s track record
0:45 – The trap of winning
2:06 – How you should measure success
2:48 – Why Bill Walsh quit coaching
3:35 – Avoid defining yourself by the “score”
4:08 – When you lose, shake it off
5:15 – Remember to have fun!

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  1. Darren, To actually answer your question all BS aside. There is no score in life except the one in your head that you made up. Live your life, if you made a mistake as long as it didn't kill or permanently injure someone then what did you learn from it? The pressure one puts themselves under is a choice and like all choices they have consequences. Choose how you wish to frame things and gain some perspective. As the saying goes, "Success is never final; failure is rarely fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" – Winston Churchill (loosely)

  2. Incredible person reading this, you have everything there is to succeed in life, whatever that is for you. Go after the life you truly want NOW! ✨
    I believe in you! Love – Nat ❤️