Why we get mad — and why it's healthy | Ryan Martin

Why we get mad — and why it's healthy | Ryan Martin

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Anger researcher Ryan Martin draws from a career studying what makes people mad to explain some of the cognitive processes behind anger — and why a healthy dose of it can actually be useful. “Your anger exists in you … because it offered your ancestors, both human and nonhuman, an evolutionary advantage,” he says. “[It’s] a powerful and healthy force in your life.”

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  1. anger is growing universally. Anger against woman is growing. Family ties are being severed more than ever…ALL these relate too mans inability too get secure in these most expensive times we live today, once upon a time parents that weren’t able too spell their name could afford buying and paying of house, AND many with multiple property!! TODAY were all more connected with each other, have technology that is close too magic AND YET the ability too acquire AND pay-off a home is close too impossible!!!! this is today’s reality!!!!

  2. I found your talk interesting until you made the comment your ancestors both human and nonhuman. It is scientifically impossible statistically impossible one in billion random chance that Cells would collide that evolution would occur. I have yet to see any scientific proof that statistically evolution is possible. You may think you are the descendent of an ape but I don’t. Somebody so bright and apparently intelligent to create such a good talk could believe in something scientifically impossible. Look around you at the incredible things most importantly the human body and the human mind and how Wayne can come to the conclusion that that came from evolution is beyond me

  3. When dealing with this emotion in a rational and productive sense it can be utilised as a powerful tool to redeem and strive but sadly anger is being used as a weapon, especially amongst either extreme side of the political argument. Anger is being used to propel agendas that refuse to accept others opinions. Some opinions that can be radical and not accepting but mainly people who just have respect but a different understanding of their view of the world. People that will accept but don't want to be constantly told how to think and then immediately be harassed or publicly shamed for just as acting different. Whilst the others attacking, who hold this belief abuse the ones not conforming even though they preach about celebrating our differences. Anger is being used to refuse to understand others people's thoughts when dealing with extreme left or right mentalities. Sadly, anger is being abused with horrible abuse from these righteous, hypocritical and one sided mantras, on both sides. They use terminology that's invokes previous history that was far worse and refuse to even discuss the possibility of common ground. Refuse to sit and keep our emotions in check and have a healthy debate and when the option of discussion becomes less constructive it become violence. This short clip paves way to opening up the productive use for anger upon injustice. It just depends on the persons perspective of what the injustice was and whether it was an injustice at all. Professional victims and a weakened tolerance has sadly become more prevalent these day. Sadly, due to the 'role' models within the political and professional world you cannot be wrong. Cannot make a mistake. Cannot learn from what is a natural circumstance of progression that is to fail but fail better. Sadly, to er… Is no longer an option. Sadly, it's better to be wrong and save face than it is to tell an opponent that maybe… Just maybe. On this issue, what ever this issue is today, they could be right.
    Welcome to the suck.

  4. I had an experience of using anger productively once :
    I was preparing for an examination and I wasn't doing good . My parents and teachers criticised me because of my low scores in tests . I felt very angry and ashamed at that time . One day I decided I WILL show them how capable I am , and then I could be the one criticising them for THEIR mediocrity.
    After an year of hardwork , I succeeded .
    But by that time I wasn't angry anymore .

  5. for me main reason is arthitis i gotta stretch 30minutes-1hr before work or runs then 1-2hrs after work or run
    inflamation is the worse i dont wana take pain killers it isnt healthy long term nor is sustaining a hardcore diet not to feel inflamation

    & my enviroment mainly work i dont fit in nor wana be round people who think of eachother daily iq & common sense to be normal isnt stable nor r paranioa levels of eachother being silent such minds arent healthy to be round 8-12hrs a day nor r tasks we doing good for our body & mind
    is toxic

    & other factors like social life i was taken advantage of by stalkers yeeears ago mentally disabled me with such sadness for years i had to understand waaaay to much alone mainly mental health & how 2face human beings can be
    i wana c such cowards in future it was quite racist how fake those families were coz i looked out for weaker selfestems that didnt fit in sports nor could fight & look after themselfs
    my honesty with it was y i was sad for along time & knwing my intelligence wasnt harmful but they were jealous loners with spastic friends non would exsist in future nor there friends with damage they caused & people who protected them they r talentless losers im much more efficent then such people r so many cared for such hopelessness
    it damaged my life being round racist drug fucked fakes

    anyways so many things factor into my angre body is 1 of the main reasons arthitis at work 8-12hrs a day with sad people & outside factors contribute to someone being angry

    i wana be more of a bully where i always speak openly bout some & use weapons against some we cant always live by the book & laws that protect such cowards that try harm mentally i wana start workin with some in future callin people up all time bout them for being sad losers all time & knw there contacts in future

    im angry in a nice way provide alot more then those angry guys in future
    but yeah who isnt at times if theres reason to be y not
    y a job is so unhealthy it restricts u from being honest with others y i wana design such things system doesnt understand such mental harm others wana cause its delibrate intentions of mental scarring someone i understand there intentions but look at jobs being angry at losers & what happens to people
    discrimnation isnt anything they wana hear about & some ignore that the hopeless losers r doin more harm

    im angry at alot of things i wana express alot more in future at how i feel & to express angry in intelligent ways like a ninja
    its healthy to express angre with honest reasons i feel good in justifyin it with physical harm at times words can only satisfy so much or ignoring it
    i knw i can reliable not to messy lol

    a freerer life & more control to do as we please & express ourselfs alot better & honest is what we want i think goes a long way & being happy

  6. heey, thanks for the nice talk!
    I have this experience to scream and run and feel anger in every part of my body. its never focust on humans or living things. i feel my bounderies and my own motives speaking. taking a stand. and it is the best source of energie to change things in the world. when I let the anger out it is feeling so right! so liberating and natural. i have talked. it feels like strong and powerfull healthy mesculine energy. since 1 year now i am living on the country sight with not to much neihbors and for the first time i am able to espress and scream without concerns of neighbors. i feel how much energie it took me before to deal with that anger. to supress it. i recommend everyone who feels like they hold their anger in. FREE IT!!! LET IT TALK TO YOU!! it helpt to talk to partners and friend who are close. so they understand whats happening. good luck! and enjoy

  7. I was born angry. Ever since I can remember I have felt anger, frustration. At first I used to lash out towards others, then I learned that you can harness it to achieve things. It activates your amygdala, it pushes you to look forward to things, like a personal vendetta, it increases creativity because now you’re going after something and there’s nothing that’s going to stop you and if something gets in the way you will come up with a plan to either remove the obstacle or go around it, and it increases performance because now you have the drive!

  8. I try to be as peaceful as I can not for the world but for my inner self
    But everyday we keep facing racist ignorant people and that just makes me soo mad I start yelling on the street and feel like I got anger issues but nothing else bothers me except that
    I don’t know how to react in those situations but I shall keep learning how to reach the other person mentally without all this separation

  9. These examples are mere annoyances. There's so many layers to anger. From mild discontent to outright rage. Despite Lots of humor, however, this whole talk is making me angry.

  10. Lord Buddha said, "Anger is like drinking poison but expecting the other person to die."

    A lot of our behavior is counterproductive to what we really desire, what we seek. Because we are eternal spiritual beings, we desire spiritual love and happiness. According to ancient wisdom, another person in this world cannot make me truly happy in the long run. Yet, we always try to blame others for our anger. Anger is a condition of my own heart, of my consciousness. When anger resides there, all someone else has to do is touch that, and it erupts. When we notice that anger is rising up, then we need to hit the pause button and not act on it. In anger we will do and say things that we will regret.