Why This Black Man Attended KKK Rallies | Daryl Davis | Goalcast – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

Why This Black Man Attended KKK Rallies | Daryl Davis | Goalcast – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

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✪ Daryl Davis had an INTENSE first encounter with a leader of one of the largest hate groups in America: the Ku Klux Klan. Find out how Daryl managed to convince his WORST ENEMY to meet with him face to face, and hear what he, as a Black man, had to say… What happened!? And why did he later attend KKK rallies even as the ONLY Black man in the crowd? 😨

Daryl’s story is nothing short of PURE INSPIRATION… Use this as motivation to make a change in your community by being BOLD and FEARLESS! 🙌

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  1. 1 person stopped over 200!!!!! What could 100 people do?? 1000 people do?? Looks like we all have the ability to eradicate racism at the highest levels. What an awesome man…….

  2. It is known that the least succsessful of any race become proudest of their reace… It is more likely that Hiter would not have be came the way he did if he had money and education…

  3. Wow!!! This ideology makes total sense to me!!! It is human nature to hate people from a far. It's so simple but it takes courage! Imagine if Zelensky met Putin for a talk.

  4. What a great man Daryl is. I lived with a babysitter who brought me up to fear blacks, thankfully, I had a wonderful black teacher who taught me better in 5th and 7th grades. Mrs. Y. Pennington from Kansas City, Mo turned my fear around with her love of children… I shall never forget her!

  5. God bless you. My grandfather, and great-grandfather were part of the the kkk. Thank you God we figured out no matter blood-line we can change hate.

  6. Some People don’t want Peace… they need enemies to validate their existence. They need hatred to mask their insecurities and they need violence to forget that they are weak.

  7. I have in all my life never seen anyone come as close as this man has to defeating racism. Its literally simple to, the guy is literally talking, and finding out about them in return they find out about him. Such a simple yet powerful way that he has done this. Usually we all follow the crowd and feed off of others emotions and thoughts, usually your peers. He didn't. He did it his way. Amazing.

  8. listen if people hate u do not go after them cz u give them power 2 think less of u . U want the hate 2 stop say u do not care what others think cz u have no racial profiling cz u r blind in color .Once u do not create a race u become blind o racism.

  9. Dave Chappelle made it funny, but the overall idea came to me after watching this hokey movie from the 70's called 'Butterflies are Free'. I thought about the discrepancy between the visual bias, upbringing, environment and one's conclusions. Being a white man I couldn't present it with such impact. Melanin? No. The universe has a fundamental law, one might call possibility, garnished with variety. Wanting everything to be familiar, let alone exactly alike, you are cheating yourself of possibility.

  10. Why do you put a picture of Timothy McVeigh up when you're talking about a Knighthawk in the KKK. Timothy McVeigh had no ties to the KKK he was not a member!

  11. Why do we not see this is on mainstream media? This man literally defies the way that people like Fox and CNN make racism seem to be. They make it seem like just because of your skin color, or ideology you can’t change, and you are constantly being descriminated against by other groups of people. Which may seem to be true in instances, but this video literally just shows it’s because people don’t know how to interact without being hateful. People are so discriminatory that they aren’t even open minded enough to listen to what others have to say.