Why Success Is Not What It Looks Like | Eye-Opening Speech

Why Success Is Not What It Looks Like | Eye-Opening Speech

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Do you believe that success leads to happiness? Success doesn’t equal happiness and it won’t solve your problems, watch this video to learn why.

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Speaker: Leo Gura
His YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ActualizedOrg/featured
His website: https://actualized.org/


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  1. The goal of this video is to show you that success doesn't equal happiness. My goal with this video is to make you appreciate all the small things in your life. Success and happiness are two completely different things and somehow in our modern society, we've made them interconnected when in fact they aren't. Do you agree?

  2. Now this is what I call a true words for getting away from this type of success to humanful success. thank you for these great eye opening video. Appreciate it

  3. I think all of this is different for person to person what if someone wants and desires to become a big business man or grow his/her company to that 100 million or 1 billion mark, what if someone wants to become a world famous movie star or an athlete , saying all of the "top people" in their respective profession are overworked and not happy is very misleading , Everyone wishes to be happy in life and financial freedom does contributes to it, yet it is not the thing we should chase but the work behind it should be mastered so that it becomes a little easy to get your own 'financial freedom'
    Saying people are looking at the wrong people ( you mentioned some top businessman)
    I don't find anything wrong in following or learning somethings from their lifestyle as long as am clear about my goals and plans.
    "Money won't buy you happiness" is a very clique term used now more than ever but according to me money can support you and people around you to a better life if needed.
    Money shouldn't be the number one motivation but it should definitely be in the list of things on what we do for a living.

  4. Being successful isn't about being wealthy or famous. It's about giving 100% of your effort, where others only give 90%, and being recognized and respected for putting more in than anyone else before you. Success is setting the example, and being the definition of whatever you define yourself as.

  5. Such a fucking stupid video from this "motivational" channel. What's wrong with pursuing greatness even if so much is on the line, even your sanity? There is a price to pay for success, you can call it stress, choices, missing out on stuff, etc. So much culture medriocrity spitted out in this bullshit video

  6. This guy doesn't know what he's saying. How can you comment on how someone feels with certainty. It would be like me saying "leo is depressed " simply because I want to. If U look at bill gates, Tony Robbins, Steven jobs, these are all people who give enormous amounts of time and money into improving the quality and lives of billions world wide. Your video is highly disrespectful and diminishes all that these people have done (including giving you technology and YouTube – a place to express these negative remarks). If U want to prove happens doesn't equal "success ", there are many other, more constructive, ways to do it.

  7. Success — the accomplishment of an aim or purpose [OED] — is commonplace. The problem is where we set the success threshold. At 81, a cancer survivor, my #1 goal is waking up tomorrow morning. I've done so more than 30,000 times. Not a record, but a good score.

  8. This channel is highly underrated, quality content mate keep it up.

    This video is great and original. Think outside the box, don't be like someone else, be you, stay grounded.

    Be the best you can be.

  9. yes. agree to message by this video. in fact I've thought about it for quite some time. A voice inside me keep reiterating. But even when you know the truth, you couldn't escape the trap simply because everyone around you is already brainwashed. You'll be viewed like an alien, either this or that, isn't it sad? discussion, anyone?

  10. I always think about the years NASA existed before their first successful launch. It's nearly impossible to tackle a problem while anticipating everything before going in. It takes a necessary amount of assessment, evaluation and reflection to solve life's hardest challenges. Anything worth doing is hard!

  11. Why the hell success is always associated with people who are not happy or only seem to be May be they are But not all LIFE IS DIVERSE its not about THE Success it's about unlocking your potential as an individual!