Why Megan Fox Disappeared From Hollywood | Life Stories By Goalcast – MasteryTV

Why Megan Fox Disappeared From Hollywood | Life Stories By Goalcast – MasteryTV

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Voted “Sexiest Woman Alive”, Megan Fox lived a secret life where she was thrown into inappropriate situations as early as 15 years old!

Megan begged for protection and tried to take back control, but nobody listened and things only got worse. In a shocking interview, Megan finally revealed the truth about how she was treated on the set of Transformers… but the media attacked her, and Megan was forced to hide from Hollywood. What REALLY happened to Megan Fox? And how did meeting MGK, Machine Gun Kelly help her make an UNBELIEVABLE comeback?

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  1. Megan think she go to hell place I want to know what kind of hell place she thinking adult life people living hell or fantasy paradise hell because muslim people believe hell not living place it's gonna burn us like Terminator 2😂

  2. Megan looks like a vamp version of Amy Lee of Evanescence but Amy is a natural beauty and had no cosmetic surgery. Amy could lose some weight tho.
    It is bizarre that Meg would marry and have children at such a young age. How bizarre that she claims to be a victim but knows to dress skimpy and act seductive to get what she want. She's either very clever, mentally messed up or was just using Brian to boost her celebrity image.

  3. Thank you meghan fox. My children brought about my consciousness and my heart , my soul , and my life. I support you and I resonate with your story. Self love is a great path. You go girl!

  4. Megan should have been the face of the #metoo movement but they just disregarded her, probably because of her beauty. I love her acting and films. I also am so happy for her that she found true love with MGK. I can only hope and pray I find that kinda love again.

  5. Megan is an amazing person both inside and out. She spoke the truth and was punished with a backlash, her husband wanted a trophy wife – she was young and easy to manipulate. Hopefully she'll be getting more roles she deserves and also she'll have an opportunity to be a great mother, focus on her passions and live in peace.

  6. But you know what? Say no ! No amount of fame and money should take you outside yourself. Basically she chose the latter . If you are uncomfortable to the point that you’re not heard on how your feeling then just don’t do it . Period

  7. I'm trying to understand why we should feel sorry for her from the information presented in this video. She's a multi millionaire. Abuse is never okay, but she wasn't chained to the floor in any of these situations. She knew how the game was played and made the conscious choice to stay in it. Now she's asking people who will never have access to the quality of medical and psychological care that she does to feel sorry for her? Come on. Ask the average person working a full-time job if they would be willing to endure what she has to get the success that she has.

  8. Brian was jealous because narcissists can't stand it when their partner isn't focusing on them to life them up. It is obvious he hated that

  9. I liked her in the first transformers because of the depth her character. She left her ex because he just wanted a trophy, & once free, she was a genuine help to the hero team, brave, fast-thinking, a mechanic & auto detailer.

  10. I never got why everyone was so into her. Never was attracted to her she was just another dime a dozen white girl. The fact she’s with mgk now just shows the mature act is a facade cause you ain’t mature if that’s what you land on after having kids lol.

  11. Please share the Love of the Son of God, He spoke Truth Forever. Please write His Words in your Heart, and share them. Please Forgive, and Pray for everyone. Immanuel, God with us..

  12. I fully understand the over-sexualisation of women in movies and agree that it's wrong, however, don't they do the same to males too?
    Yes, it may be a little different but still done in such a way as to attract female's attention.

    I get that not only is it wrong but then women start comparing themselves and perhaps not see themselves as being good enough because they don't live up to the same expectations.
    That happens with men to, well myself at least.

    We should never compare ourselves with others with regards to looks as we will always find fault in ourselves if we look hard enough.

  13. First Michael Bay is an arrogant, bully and misogynist without any class and ethics at all. How he can express about at the time a young lady like that? This is horrible and unacceptable.