Why Everything Is Scary Until You Do It | DailyVee 593

Why Everything Is Scary Until You Do It | DailyVee 593

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People live in fear of the unknown. We are afraid of trying something new or different in fear of the bad outcomes we pontificate like judgment, failure, pain or anything else that we can imagine. The reality is that not only will those “worst-case scenarios” not actually happen, but you could actually really end up enjoying the risk you took. Almost everything plays out scarier in our heads than they do in real life. Take the risk and stop fearing the hypothetical outcomes.

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  1. Honestly, this type of speech just make me feel like I am going to puke. Seriosly guys, he is a salesman . If this is motivating you than that's great, but trust me there is so much more valuable information on youtube to start a company and be sucessful. This is just talking and there's no actual advice what you should do and how.

  2. GaryVee is so inspirational. I don’t give a fuck about what other people think, he knows what’s up.
    I’m goi to rent until I am rich and stay as far away from the heard as I can.

    The dude is charismatic as fuck, the way he commands crowds and small groups of people is insane.

  3. Similar to procrastination. It's been said that anxiety is what causes it, so check what's making you delay the work and start from there. Overcome these steps and apply it daily. You'll get to your goal.

  4. I just made another withdrawal of $30,000usd from my portfolio of over $200k in 3 weeks I started already traDing with Expert Linda Henderson I am a fullfil Soul

  5. Beyond business, these contents are teaching me how to be a great leader instead of a beying a good boss. It's not my team…it's a team that I am part of. God bless this amazing team!

  6. You want to know my problem? I'm 28, still living with my Dad at home. I'm happy to be here with him because he needs a lot of help with projects and the house and stuff since he's 74. But. I spent the last 10 years since high school trying to hide and escape the world because I hated myself. I spent the prime of my life hating myself. There's things I should have been doing 10 years ago that if I had been doing them, i would now be pretty fuckin good at and maybe even be able to make money doing them. So now, everything I start feels pointless because I'm just so far behind everyone my age. Maybe that's stupid to think but it kills me. I don't want to hide from the world anymore and I just feel so bad when I think of all the time I wasted; all the time i spent being less happy than I could have been.

  7. Fear is like Fire, if you face it handle it, play with it, take the risk to know it – you can cook food in it , it can bring heat for you and it will make your life easier. If you fear it, cant control it, don't play it with, it can burn you.

    i heard these lines by mike Tyson somewhere.

  8. First thing I did after listening to a few minutes of this was go to the gym again and redfine who I am. Truely wise words "All humans do is create their own jails and live in it" and I'm fed up in living in mine. Thank you Gerry for being you and spreading your mindset towards life. I truely needed this and for this I am grateful that you shared this video. Can't wait to read your books too! (I found out about you on your interview with Matt D'avella on his Channel). May God bless you in your ways and take care!

  9. Gary is expressing what we have all felt slowly but surely: that since the rise of the gig economy, all previous laws (social norms and social conditioning) are illogical. First off, it's not like they had a good enough excuse, to begin with, but there isn't one now, so we have to start from scratch. We need to let a discourse of variation and iteration with newfound reasoning and freedom to make these novel choices and throw away all the old cookie-cutter and institutionalised approaches that were obviously imposed upon us by deficient and antiquated 1900 century thinking, in my opinion, because we are back in R&D mode and all previous bets are off. Let's launch our new renaissance by providing a platform for non-conformity. Amen.