Why domestic violence victims don't leave | Leslie Morgan Steiner

Why domestic violence victims don't leave | Leslie Morgan Steiner

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  1. History reveals we were made to except this by the very laws that are liberating men as mothers. That is what a woman is. The womb of a man. MaMa is the womb of WaWa. That is who they beat. Not women.

  2. Because we can't. When the whole town is involved in coverups and think it's more profitable to abuse and hurt the victim, instead of showing how bogus they have been and starting over while the whole world watches and sees the abuse, its super ridiculous. The whole towns can't even fully cover their lie up now, at least, regardless of what happens.

  3. My son is a victim, he doesn’t believe that he is one. He has black eyes, busted lips, burn scars. But because he is a man he doesn’t believe he is a victim. What do I do?

  4. Why would a man want to hurt a woman is beyond me, especially a beautiful woman like her? I am kind of distracted by her neck, though because the creases look attractive to me.

  5. I am glad that you are still alive. Making a false accusation is like a death threat because the police might kill the accused. While the accuse is safe and not hurt one bit. This was a painful experience, but I feel inspired about this experience when my accuser wrote things that are not true. Also I am taller than most women. After researching domestic violence, I finally realize that I am not a domestic abuser.

  6. Why did I stay? Because he promised me I'd never see my children again if I left. Because then I did, and have been bankrupted by a court system that refuses to recognize my abuse, and watch my children be abused by my ex.

  7. AUSTRALIA has the best domestic violence legislation around the world, from the legislation to the law enforcement, it is to protect the woman's right. One of my best friend in Australia, she takes care of children for years, her husband argues with her just because of work pressure, that man does not understand how hard it is to be a housewife. Year ago, my friend had argument with her husband again, and her husband even pushed her, my friend called the police without hesitation, 4 police vehicles and 6 policemen came immediately, the police just listen to my friend's statement, the police did not need to see any body/physical evidence, and they arrest her husband immediately, they signed AVO and put criminal charge against her husband, the Kids and House belong to my friend, in the next 2 years, her husband cannot approach her, cannot go back to home, and cannot see his kids without supervision. This is the domestic violence meant to be ! To protect the woman. Domestic violence happen only 0 time, or unlimited times, so many women be violated everyday everywhere. We live in a society of justice, a society of feminism.

  8. the Australia Domestic Violence legislation says very clear 1) verbal insult, 2) split, 3) financial control, 4) physical alternation (including pushing) are all classified as Domestic Violence. AUSTRALIA has zero tolerance of domestic violence, every Aussie knows this, it is a basic social common sense to protect woman in Australia. Like what happened to my friend, she lives in Sydney, her husband pushed her (or her husband pushed her back) during an argument, she called police and she gave statement to the police, police issued 2 years AVO and laid criminal charge on her husband immediately, no question asked, this is DV legislation supposed to be, to protect woman, make woman feel safe. In the following week, the court ordered her husband to leave home, the court ordered her husband cannot approach her or communicate to her, the court ordered her husband if he wants to see Kids then he needs her permission to do so. A good husband will not argue with his wife, woman need to be respected, the moment he argued back, the moment he pushed back his wife, he lose his right to the kids, he lose his family. Australia sets a good example to respect woman, to protect woman, to make woman be brave, be safe.

  9. I love being away woman slave I love working for you for free volunteering just being a homebody I would love to be in conservative-ship to you. I would love to do the dishes mop the floor clean for you and be very obedient.Yes Master. i’m only a white woman slave. that’s all I ever will be and all I will ever need and want.

  10. Growing up every time my father got angry , he would physically abuse me and say that it was ALL my fault. All my childhood my parents blamed me for their atrocious behaviour. I was their punch bag. Living with your parents is quite common in India till you get married. And even up till my adulthood and working in a MNC, they would continue to control and manipulate me. Finally one morning, after a life threatening bashing from my father (no reason), I decided to move out of the house and go to my spiritual master for help.

    I ended up in an ashram where I felt safe and finally started living a life without any violence. But I did not have much exposure of the outer world as I was pretty isolated growing up from my friends and outer world. Most of the times I did not open up to my colleagues or friends out of shame and guilt. I was told by my parents that people would make fun of me if I shared what my parents were doing to me. BECAUSE it was my fault BECAUSE I was the one who was wrong.

    People who didn't know me used to tell me that I am difficult to approach, too suppressed or shy. Thankfully I did not let any of that affect my work even though I was emotionally drained and scared to get into any relationship with anyone. It has taken me time to heal myself. It has taken years of meditation and various therapies to finally resurrect my self esteem and self worth. At work, I worked extra hard to prove my worth. But slowly the imbalance started to affect my health and I got a severe case of vertigo. Life was a mess. I bravely healed myself completely from it after more than 2 years of chiropractic therapy and CSTs. Now I am a therapist myself. I like to heal other people.

    I am still learning to rebuild my self esteem. Trying to get used to people being nice to me generally and not as something special. Life is going on. Thanks for sharing this video. Thanks for letting me know that I can still live a full life.

  11. I bet he never had the job or the degree he told her he had. That's why he "quit" on a dime and had to move. She would have found him out soon. Lies start at the beginning.

  12. With all due respect, I respect the topic of what she stalking about. But what I don't like that people do is talk about the subject as if women are the only victims of domestic violence when reality there has also been men such as myself who've suffered from domestic violence and it has affected me greatly to be afraid to start new relationships with new people. It would be greatly appreciated if women would also for once hold themselves accountable for admitting they too can cause domestic violence to men who've only wished to see their lady be happy being with them. That is all