Why Am I Even Alive? | Muniba Mazari Speech | Inspiring Women of Goalcast

Why Am I Even Alive? | Muniba Mazari Speech | Inspiring Women of Goalcast

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Live Every Moment speech: Muniba Mazari, lovingly referred to as the Iron Lady of Pakistan, openly talks about how her life changed after a car accident left her without the use of her legs and how this has changed her perspective on life. In her powerful speech, she expresses how important it is to accept yourself in order for the rest of the world to recognize you.

00:00 – Intro – “Life Changing Accident”
02:04 – Art Heals!
02:50 – Overcoming my Fears
04:00 – Becoming a mother
05:02 – Self Love and Never Giving Up!

Watch this video in Spanish over at Goalcast Español! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJkR6gxToxY

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  1. Much love – meaning of life is living a life we are given. God bless you; you bring hope and happiness into others lives – tears into my eyes, which is human connection and purpose of your life. Smile and do what you do best. Words fail me because emotions have taken over my heart. Much love!!

  2. She is a brave,lovely and creative women.this speech Was felt in my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️ she is right.if we thought and tried one day we Will aceive everything in our life.