When Life GETS HARD, Do These 5 Things To Become UNSTOPPABLE! | Goalcast

When Life GETS HARD, Do These 5 Things To Become UNSTOPPABLE! | Goalcast

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  1. I love how u did these. From a strong athlete, to a undenied soldier, then to a powerful woman, to a boy always looking to just finish through another day to becoming a hero, to a beautiful strong woman who never gives up on who she is. Keep it up and u earned a sub from me my friend.

  2. Spoken words truly have the power to alter one's mind, either in the right or the wrong direction.
    We all have the choice to be who we wish to be and act the way we want to, especially now that it is part of our civilised human race (i'm pretty sure our ancestors had ways to uplift their younger generation).
    Spoken words have changed human history. Activists like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Elizabeth Cowell, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and the list goes on; I am positive that you have heard of, at least, one of these people throughout your life.
    All the speeches and messages that were relayed onto the public were strong and had deep meaning and so i believe that there are going to be some new freedom fighters, in every area of life, that are going to strive for our world's peace. Thankyou for reading.

  3. I would love to share my story in brief.
    My biological father,married 10 wives and sired 76 children.
    I am child no 76.
    I was married off forcefully at the age of nine years.

    Went through female genital mutilation at age 8 and it's just a painful story.

    When life was so hard,I survived by drinking my own urine and eating soil.

    Today I look back and smile,our tomorrow is better.
    We can all rewrite our stories.

  4. This is the Most super Energetic Speeches with ATTITUDE to NEVER GIVE UP IN LIFE in any circumstances,all are great and MUNIBA MUZARI"s speech should be BROAD CAST by world Media to encourage every women & girls to fight against the Hardship & choose the life they want to live.Really Touching

  5. My love & best wishes to All.
    Inspiring to tears with the positivity.
    So proud of All – especially the beautiful assertive lady in red from Pakistan x

  6. Surprising to find out so many other people don’t have a purpose.. so many question life.. I hope everyone finds their path in life, including myself. ❤️

  7. The person who said that they adopted a kid got me crying I'm adopted but I felt so alone and I don't have a mom and I felt like I was the only one who could feel like this I'm glad she took a kid in and showed that kid life. Orphanages aren't as amazing as they seem on TV kids get bullied and hurt every single day so I'm glad that she saw the opportunity to adopt a kid.

  8. Her speech hit me like a wrecking ball,
    She reminds me of my mom, my mom might not be in a wheelchair.
    But she was aan crutches,(sorry, I have bad grammar)
    She broke an arm, a leg and her finger, and her jawline!
    Don't ask me how she served, all I know,
    Is that she is amazing!!!

  9. My mom bought me too big spikes for track in 8th or 9th grade. I told her the coach said to make sure they fit. She got bigger ones and said I'd grow into them. Guess my feet had different ideas. They stopped growing. Thirty years later they still wouldn't fit but I don't run track now. You may not need to grow into shoes if life puts you on a different track.