WHAT QUESTION YOU HAVE FOR ME? – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

WHAT QUESTION YOU HAVE FOR ME? – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

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  1. Hi; I am new to your channel tonight and watched 6 or 7 vids tonight and was wondering if you have gotten on a ship and do you expect to see the world in the three years you have left. Thanks

  2. I'm a senior in high school & wondering about the chances you have to pursue your higher education online while active duty. Is it covered by the military? Out of pocket? etc.

  3. Since the Nuclear field's headquarters decided not to accept me into the Nuclear program despite me qualifying twice, I heard that I can ask an RDC about the situation and they can help me. I was also told that I can retake the ASVAB in A school (they said that I was very electronic heavy and thought that I should do better on the other subjects even though I took the NAPT and passed anyways on top of my Alpha qualification) and change my rate from AECF to Nuke. Does that sound do-able?

  4. I would like to know the bare minimum stuff that I should know and be able to do in order to pass boot camp. I'm close to making weight but haven't discussed anything any further (with my recruiter) as I feel that I am still severely unfit and would embarrass myself. Also I would love to see "day in the life" type videos

  5. Hey yoon I ship out January 29th and I just wanted to know like what are the chances of not making it out of p days like getting separated because of like hearing or dental reasons or other if any. I guess I'm just anxious and want everything to go well. Welcome back!

  6. Hi! Son is getting deployed on a carrier within the next few weeks. Will he be able to use his cellphone? Do they have WiFi on the ship and if so do you have to purchase the internet?

  7. So my recruiter booked me a job even after I told him I wanted to retake the asvab . Took the asvab about 2 months ago and scored a 56 , been out of high school for a few years, didn't study and wanted to take it as sort of a dry run to see what I needed to study for on the retake. I told my recruiter this and that I would like to retake the asvab so I can study to get a better score . He sent me to meps though because he said it wouldn't make any sense for me to even continue the process if I wasn't medically qualified, and said he'd schedule my meps and asvab re take on the same day. Long story short I get to meps and halfway through the process they tell me that I wasn't even scheduled to re take the asvab only the physical after I told my recruiter thats what I'd like to do and he said that it was scheduled for the same day. They send me downstairs to the air force office and I speak to a sgt and give him the run down of the situation and he say's that I wasnt scheduled because it was before the 30 days you have to wait before you could retake the asvab. He sends me back upstairs to finish the physical and tells me to come back down when I'm done. I finish the physical and go down stairs and talk to the same person. He gives me a paper which lists jobs I qualify for and tells me to choose a few I'm interested in , and Tells me he won't put me in dep and will talk to my recruiter but assures me that I will be able to retake. I get home and tell my recruiter what happened and he says hes going to be on vacation for 2 weeks and says he'll reschedule my asvab retake when he gets back. So I get a call today and he tells me "congratulations I have a career for you" , 3a131 , But I stated to him previously that I wanted to retake the asvab , and now hes pushing me to sign an admin contract. I haven't heard to many good things about this job and I'm not interested in being a secretary. Now I'm finding out that I was indeed placed in deps and would have to dep discharge to retake the asvab. Any advice ?