What Is the Tao? – Adquire Pure Consciousness | Eckhart Tolle

What Is the Tao? – Adquire Pure Consciousness | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart shares that words are only pointers; we cannot conceptually know or understand what consciousness is. We can only …

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  1. look at everything around you without giving them a name , like tree 🌲 is a thing not tree , sky is thing and nothing else . See everything like you don’t know anything. The longer you keep this realization the more you are experiencing consciousness

  2. The Tao of Pooh was my first introduction to Taoism, a book that led to some fundamental changes in my mindset and also an extraordinary physical manifestation. I never looked back, but I also venture to Buddhism and elsewhere.. the Tao allows 🙂

  3. It’s interesting to me how this growth in awareness occurs over a period of time. Why am I able to experience presence now, but I wasn’t able to before now? Is it karma? I’s it destiny? Is it being open to the experience? It’s definitely a process. Is it grace? Is it all those?

  4. I hope to be able to remain here peacefully as I make the transition, the landlord today told me he needs this house for his Son. I don't know where I'm going, have a few months, wish to remain present in the unknown and not get in the way. I know no house will every truly house me, home is here where ever I am, where ever I go. I was blessed to live on the mountain and am grateful for the time I had here.
    Thanks for being here Eckhart🙏 to be here is a gift. It is a blessing.

  5. The master is always at one with the Toa
    " but the Toa is dark and mysterious, how can it make her radiant"
    Because she let's it

    Eckhart read the extract above during a video clip titled (you are not your thoughts) one of my favourite clips.

  6. ,Joy
    is what it is
    to know.
    To be a part
    of this ice-creamed existence
    of sweetness.
    Of taste,
    and colour,
    and scent.
    and early mornings
    crackle crispness.

    And undrawn tang
    of scented bush
    let go in misty
    outed break;
    Perceive below
    the valleys bottom,
    smooth spoon scooped
    and rough
    rolled edged
    Where time has flowed.
    Where I am.

    Content to wait
    and know;
    The hand that holds
    the scoop
    for me

    To be consumed
    into the body
    of true existance.

  7. Ey dis nicca is my motherfucken dad….so thankful for the revelations he has brought forth in this lifetime…I really dnt knw what would hv become of me had I not discovered his work in my late teens

  8. you have to go beyond the body/mind space/time/causation complexs, beyond the waking and dreaming and deep sleep states to realize the non dual Self as Supreme Energy – Atman- the Pure I Consciousness- Pure because there is no content like teacups, dogs, you as a person, other people, thoughts, feelings, earth, universes or blanks and voids…