What Is the Dark Night of the Soul? – Eckhart Tolle Explains

What Is the Dark Night of the Soul? – Eckhart Tolle Explains

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What is the dark night of the soul? Eckhart explains how it feels to go through this time in a person’s life.

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  1. After a hurricane, my husband and my business was totally destroyed. Our house was very damaged, my oldest son joined the Navy, my younger son left for college, then on Halloween morning my husband didn't wake up. He had suddenly passed away in his sleep. It was too much for me to handle. I lost everything it seemed, I was suddenly alone. I lost my identity, almost my mind. My husbands death traumatized me.

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  3. IMHO, Tolle is one of the greatest teachers of higher Christianity.

    I say that only because I started out Christian. At the highest levels, all religions are one.

  4. I know the feeling well before my house was ransacked by a slumlord cockroach who owed me thousands of dollars confiscated everything all my personal effects recording studio all my preproduction mixes all my instruments I've been homeless ever since

  5. I'm still clinging on to the idea of becoming a therapist. I am 10 subjects away from getting my degree, but honestly, i don't even want it anymore. It is so, so hard to let go of it. I have not gone to University in a year, yet I still say I study psychology, but that it is "on pause", because I'm afraid of admitting that that's not who I am anymore, i can't let go of that character and give way to the one I deep down know is me. It's like i will lose my sense of self if I do so.?

  6. " this is a certain kinda death of the ego! Of course the ego still exist and serves a purpose,,,, but it has out of balance for a long time,. That ego will perish and another person with different eyes,,, values, priorities, what beauty is becomes different and more beautiful

  7. Many of us have had this happen and believe me when I say it is devastating and takes the breath right out of you. Once it begins it seems to never stop but it does… each one of us is on our own journey and we must take charge of our pain, own it and then once this process has begun we're on our way. I realize that this doesn't seem so at the time. For some it takes years, it took me years, yes it did, but there is so much help now and we are aware that it is a strength to seek help and not a weakness. Healing takes time, patience, determination, dedication – it's all personal, it cannot be shared – we don't want to share with others what they cannot handle or what they don't know specially if they don't want to know. Faith in a higher power is really one of the ways to elevate ourselves out of the depths of despair. It takes guts to get out of a situation even if we feel we didn't deserve it. I look back now and I know I'm the woman I am presently because of this event. Not saying if I had a choice I'd want to go through it but I did have a choice – remain in that hole or get out. I got out and everyone can do so in their own time. Thanks.

  8. I went to a place where the world no longer made sense. It seemed all pointless. I realized that we are not what we gave meanings to….and then I turned to God and realized we are God's infinite children and we are as God created us…to be love and that is being enough.

  9. I've had about enough of this guy
    just regurgitating ancient text.
    This guy is one of many who just
    copies what he read and puts it in his own
    words. Dark night of the soul is what happens
    after Ego death. It's a result of kundalini.
    It's like an actor getting more credit than
    the person they portray. It's like a Priest
    wanting to be the middle man and make money.

  10. This is SUCH a Great and VALIDATING explanation of this. I really needed this. I have been undergoing “ dark night of the soul “ experience and I understand more why now. My whole life had turned upside down.

  11. Another awesome video of Eckhart Tolle's! I was for years part of my own family of origin so it's hard for me to let it go – something I always badly wanted. My sister has a much bigger family then I have and I'd hoped to be a part of my sister's family as my other siblings are a part of her family although a couple of them have opted out of attending holidays etc. This is due to them not getting paid attention to (I can see why). But these past over 8.5 years I been scapegoated out by all of them. There is no reason for them to do this to me except for their very trivial stupid reasons. If I'd done something very bad I could understand but since I've done nothing other than be a normal human who might occasionally say the wrong thing. And not even that bad of a thing but they are ultra-sensitive. They are country (redneck type) who get mad at the drop of a hat. Some exhibit signs of narcissism and others covert narcissism. It's been very painful for me. They don't give a lick about me. But I must move on and stop letting it all bother me as for 20 years I've suffered migraines and now my CFS and dizziness has gotten so bad I can walk very little daily. There was several days in the past 3 weeks I couldn't walk enough to make it to the bus stop about .2 or .3 miles.

  12. There are more spiritual narcissists now than ever…. “False namaste’s” in a desperate need for likes… I guess it’s all grass shoots … gotta start somewhere! ✨