What is High Performance?

What is High Performance?

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Summary below! This is Brendon freestyle, without notes or prompter. Get mp3/transcript of this episode: …

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  1. Hey Brandon! Do you know what I miss? Something like… how can I be more precise… like not working with "Phrases" … but going deeper and find the essence of something, not using phrases I hear everyday from everyone… Do you know what I mean? All the best from Berlin/Germany !

  2. Brendon Thank you very much for such inspiring video whats missing is that  I am really confused on what to decide am from a middle classs family studied at local schools and by the grace of God I perfomed really well it impressed my parents and I got some sponsors to sponsor my education in High school in an international school and what they want for me is to become the best student what exactly can I do not to disappoint my parents or my sponsors as you know that most beautiful girls do face a lot of challenges how can I interact with people and how will I face my academic life to be completely different from any other person as there is a lot of challenges I was once studying in a bording school to avoid the challenges now am n a day school how will I achieve the best please me Brandon  am ready for sacrifisind anything for my future Thanks alot

  3. Hey Brendon – just wanted to start by saying I'm a huge fan of yours, I've read the Motivation Manifesto and have been watching your videos for many months now. I believe that I have finally beat a detrimental and crippling depression that has affected everyone in my life and that even nearly took my own life. Now I'm filled with a fervor to help others so that I can hopefully help people live better lives and prevent people from experiencing what I went through or help them through it . Specifically I would like to do that through teaching people about Nutrition and Fitness. Anyways you're videos have proved to be especially beneficial during those hard times and it would be an honor to one day meet you/have a discussion. Hopefully I can make that happen but for now keep up the great work and thank you! (P.S. if you haven't already I recommend looking into Orthomolecular Medicine and the psychological and physical effects of it!)-Eddie

  4. In the zone! I like to get in the zone by pumping myself up physically by celebrating something LOUDLY, and then also my mindset by pulling out my mission and visualizing it being fulfilled for myself and others.

  5. Practicing Transcendental Meditation adds high performance to your day every day, which is why so many business leaders, creative artists, actors, film directors and musicians have been using it for decades. Those five requirements for performance: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence are exactly what happens. It's a quiet process that unfolds your full potential. And it's effortless and enjoyable to practice and easy to learn. Thank you, Brendon, for describing this state that everyone wants to gain to be the best person they can be. It's life's highest purpose.